How to Upload a Picture to Google Docs

When you are creating a document for work or school you may need to include an image. This could be a picture that you found online, but it might also be a picture that you have saved to your computer. Luckily Google Docs has a utility that allows you to insert photos from your computer … Read more

How to Change Header Size in Google Docs

The size of the header in a document is something that can be fairly important. If you have a lot of information to include in that location, then you may want it to be larger than it currently is. Or perhaps you have a lot that you need to say in the body of your … Read more

How to Take Off Header in Google Docs

The header section of your document is a useful place to put important information like your last name or page number. Many schools and corporations have strict formatting requirements for documents, which typically involve putting some information in those locations. Google Docs also has a lot of tools and settings that you can take advantage … Read more

how to insert a row into a Google Docs table

How to Add a Row to a Table in Google Docs

Adding objects to a document can improve the way that your audience perceives that document, and it can help to keep their attention better than a wall of text. But you may not include the correct number of rows or columns when you first create a table in Google Docs, so it’s possible that you … Read more

Google Docs change background color

How to Change Google Docs Background Color

As is the case with other word processing applications like Microsoft Word, new documents have a white background. In fact, it’s possible that you don’t even consider this default color to be a background. But you can change the background color on Google Docs by going to File > Page setup > Page color and … Read more