how to flip or mirror a Google Docs image

How to Flip an Image in Google Docs

If you’ve ever added an image to a document before, then you have probably encountered a situation where the image is facing the wrong way. It might be upside down, or it could be “mirrored”, meaning that an object in the image is facing right when it should be facing left, or vice versa. One … Read more

How to Remove a Table Border in Google Docs

Google Docs has a number of different tools and formatting settings that let you customize your document. If you’ve inserted a table into your document, however, you might be wondering how to adjust certain table properties, such as the background color, table borders and border color, and more. Fortunately you can adjust all of these … Read more

make smaller table in Google Docs

How to Make a Table Smaller in Google Docs

New tables that you create in Google Docs often take up the entire width of the page. While you have likely found the option to insert a table in Google Docs, it might seem like there isn’t an option to adjust table properties like the size of rows and columns. Fortunately there is a way … Read more

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How to Rename a Document in Google Docs

Applying useful filenames to documents is something that many people take for granted. When you aren’t dealing with a large amount of files then it can be easy to remember which document is which. But you may need to know how to rename a Google Doc as your Google Drive starts filling up with files … Read more

How to Rotate a Picture in Google Docs

Do you have a picture in your document that is facing the wrong direction, or is upside down? While other options for resolving this issue might involve using another image editing program to adjust the image, you can actually use a tool in Google Docs to rotate the picture. Google Docs contains many of the … Read more

how to change a font color in google docs

How to Change a Font Color in Google Docs

Changing a formatting option in a document is a very action in Google Docs, especially for an older document or one created by another person. So if your document has some unusual text colors, you may be wondering how to change a font color in Google Docs. Text that you type into a document in … Read more