How to Print in Google Docs Mobile

The steps in this guide will show you how to print in the Google Docs mobile app on your iPhone.  When you get to the Print menu in the Google Docs app on an iPhone or Android device, you will have the option to use Google Cloud Print or AirPrint. Google Docs Cloud Print will use … Read more

turn off keyboard clicks

How to Turn Off Keyboard Sounds in iOS 9

Your iPhone will make a lot of sounds and vibrate in a lot of situations when your settings are still at their default options. One of the noises that it will make is a series of feedback clicks that are played whenever you type a letter, number, or character on your keyboard. This can quickly … Read more

tap the enable lte button

How to Turn off LTE on an iPhone 6

Your iPhone 6 is capable of connecting to a number of different types of cellular networks, including LTE. An LTE connection is usually quite fast, and can allow you to stream video and audio while you are connected to a cellular network. However, this faster connection speed makes it much easier to use a lot … Read more