how to turn on automatic updates on the iphone

How to Enable Automatic Updates on the iPhone

You can manually install app updates on your iPhone by opening the App Store, selecting your profile icon, then scrolling down and tapping Update next to apps. While this isn’t too bad when you only have a couple of updates, it can become a sizeable task when you have a lot of apps that need … Read more

how to check whether you have ios 6 or ios 7

Does My iPhone Have iOS 6 or iOS 7?

The operating system on your iPhone is called iOS, and it received periodic updates several times a year. Occasionally these updates will cause a change to the version number, such as when the update for iOS 7 became available for iPhones using iOS 6. Our does my iPhone have iOS 6 or iOS 7 tutorial … Read more

turn bluetooth on or off in control center

How to Turn Bluetooth On or Off in iOS 9

The Bluetooth feature on the iPhone gives you ways to connect headphones, car interfaces, speakers, and more. Usually Bluetooth is on all the time, and the device can manage it well enough that it won’t have any adverse effects. Our tutorial below will show you where to find and adjust the iPhone Bluetooth settings if … Read more

How to Print in Google Docs Mobile

The steps in this guide will show you how to print in the Google Docs mobile app on your iPhone.  When you get to the Print menu in the Google Docs app on an iPhone or Android device, you will have the option to use Google Cloud Print or AirPrint. Google Docs Cloud Print will use … Read more