How to Unhide Columns in Excel 2016

Hiding columns is a great tool in Microsoft Excel when you have data that you can’t delete, but don’t want to leave visible. But you may be wondering how to unhide columns in Excel 2016 if there’s something in one of those columns and you need to edit or delete it. Knowing how to hide … Read more

How to Freeze a Row in Excel

Making a large Excel spreadsheet more user-friendly can be difficult. But one way that you can improve it is by learning how to freeze a row in Excel so that it stays visible at the top of the sheet. Have you ever worked on a large spreadsheet where you needed to keep scrolling back up … Read more

how to delete a comment in Excel

How to Delete a Comment in Excel for Office 365

Using comments and the other review tools in Microsoft Excel provides you with some convenient ways to collaborate on a project. Other users are able to leave comments on data in your cells, allowing you to see their thoughts and possible apply some changes. But if a comment was added inadvertently, or if there’s an … Read more