how to hide a row or column in excel 2013

How to Hide Cells in Excel 2013

If you have worked with spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, then you may have encountered a worksheet where someone hid some of the data. Or maybe you even did it yourself, either intentionally or by accident, and wanted to know how or why it happened. Some spreadsheets that you edit in Microsoft Excel … Read more

how to add a header in excel 2013

How to Add a Title in Excel 2013

When you are creating and editing documents in Microsoft Word, it’s common to include a title page or cover page that has the document and author’s name on it. But an Excel cover page or Excel cover sheet isn’t something that’s easy to create in the Microsoft spreadsheet application, so you may be wondering how … Read more

how to remove all page breaks in excel 2013

How to Remove Page Breaks in Excel 2013

Until you start trying to customize the appearance of a printed spreadsheet in Excel you may not know how difficult it can be to fix issues with manual page break placements. Printing in Excel can be frustrating, and many people will try to add multiple page breaks to their sheet in an effort to fix … Read more

remove percentage in excel 2013

How to Remove Percentage in Excel 2013

Managing the data inside an Excel spreadsheet can be difficult when the formatting is important. This can occur when you are using certain formulas, and the solution to a formatting problem isn’t always obvious. But if you know that you need to switch away from percentages and there aren’t actually percentage symbols in your cells, … Read more