how to remove passcode on iPhone 6

How to Turn Off Passcode on iPhone 6

When you are configuring an iPhone it’s typical to set a passcode that you use to unlock the device. Not only does this serve as a way to make it more difficult for unwanted people to be able to unlock the device, it can also prevent small children from being able to access the device … Read more

iphone se how to enable or disable predictive text

How to Turn Predictive Text on iPhone On or Off

Since iPhone users and Android users type such large amounts of text on their devices, it’s useful for those smartphone operating systems to have ways to correctly add the desired word while typing. Your writing style can change dramatically as you use the predictive text feature on the device because it’s so much easier to … Read more

how to find the mac address on an iphone 7

How to Find iPhone 7 MAC Address

A MAC address, or media access control address, is a piece of identifying information that is assigned to the piece of hardware on your device that connects to networks. Different manufacturers use their own ranges of MAC addresses, so many iPhones, for example, will have similar MAC addresses. Occasionally you might need to know a … Read more