how remove item control center iphone 7

How to Remove Item – Control Center iPhone 7

Becoming comfortable and familiar with all of the different settings and menus on your iPhone can be a little overwhelming. There are a lot o different ways to add features or change settings, some of which aren’t that easy to find because they involve weird swiping actions. One of these actions will open the Control … Read more

how to turn off Low Data Mode on iPhone

How to Disable Low Data Mode on iPhone 11

Controlling how much data and how frequently your iPhone uses that data is important if you pay for your cellular data usage. While you can do things like actively avoiding video streaming or playing games when on the cellular network, there are other settings that may help reduce your consumption of bandwidth and save battery … Read more

how to turn on data roaming on an iphone 7

How to Turn On Data Roaming – iPhone 7

Most of the apps that you use on your iPhone consume some amount of data. Some apps, like Netflix or Hulu, can use a lot of data, while others use considerably less. If you are connected to your home network, then you can typically consume data for these apps unless you have turned that feature … Read more

how to make the camera flash for text messages on iphone

How to Make iPhone Flash When Receiving a Text

Have you ever seen someone’s iPhone light up for new text messages or incoming calls? While enabling notifications will let you adjust things like the usual vibrations and on-screen notifications, you need to go into the Accessibility Settings menu if you want to enable the use of the iPhone’s flash for new alerts. The message … Read more

how to reset cellular data usage statistics on iphone 7

How to Reset Data Usage on iPhone 7

Some of the apps that use the most data on your iPhone aren’t the ones that you would expect. If you find that you are using a lot more data than you think you should be, then you can take advantage of the data tracking tools on the device. However, you will need to know … Read more