how to check if an iPhone 13 app has an update available

How to Check if An iPhone 13 App Has an Update

Have you been waiting for one of the apps on your iPhone to update so that you could use a new feature? If the update hasn’t occurred yet, then you might be wondering if it’s even available. Fortunately there is a quick way that you can check for an update that won’t require you to … Read more

how to use the iPhone 13 QR code scanner

How to Use the iPhone 13 QR Code Scanner

QR codes are used for a variety of purposes, so being able to scan one with your iPhone can be really useful. Yet, if you’ve never tried it and are interested in how it works, you may have avoided those QR codes. Fortunately, you can scan those codes and open their URLs with your phone’s … Read more

how to create an iPhone 13 alarm

How to Create an iPhone 13 Alarm

Your iPhone contains a Clock app with a variety of fascinating features. These features include a world clock, a timer, and a stopwatch, all of which can be useful when needed. But, there is an Alarm tab, which is likely the most useful feature. Our how to set alarm on iPhone 13 tutorial will show … Read more

how to take a screenshot on an iphone 7

How to Take a Screenshot on an iPhone

If you’ve ever had something on your iPhone screen that you wanted to show to someone else, then you might have tried taking a picture of it with another device. While this can work, it may not produce the result that you wanted. Luckily there is a screenshot tool built into the iPhone that you … Read more

how to change default iphone 13 browser

How to Switch the Default iPhone 13 Browser

Are you sick of using Safari as your default browser on your iPhone 13? Do you prefer a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox? Changing your default browser is a simple process, and you can switch to almost any third-party browser app that you have installed on the device. This article will walk you … Read more

iPhone 13 4K video recording

iPhone 13 4K Video Recording: How to Do It

The iPhone 13’s camera is amazing for static shots, but it can also record video. But, capturing videos in 720p or 1080p may not be taking full advantage of the camera’s capabilities. You may capture 4K video on your iPhone 13 by changing a setting in the Settings menu. You can capture 4K video on … Read more