how to repeat a row at the top in excel 2013

The Complete Guide to Optimizing a Page for Printing in Excel 2013

I have worked for several businesses and, while they all had significant differences, one thing that they had in common was a heavy reliance on Microsoft Excel. The exact extent of this usage may have varied between these companies, but everyone in those businesses that was on a computer had at least some experience with trying … Read more

how to delete an app from an iphone 7

iPhone 7 Low on Space? Try These 5 Options to Free Up Some Storage

Your iPhone 7 is probably near you at almost any point throughout the day, and everything that the device is capable of means that you can use it for almost any activity. Whether you’re taking pictures, sending text messages, listening to music, or trying out a new app, the iPhone is likely to intersect with … Read more

yellow battery icon iphone 6

Why is the Battery Yellow on My iPhone 6?

Yellow battery icons are becoming a lot more prevalent on various iPhone models.┬áThis occurred with the update from iOS 8 to iOS 9. The iOS 9 update brought some interesting new features to the iPhone, including one called Low Power Mode. This is an option on the Battery menu that will adjust some of the … Read more