enable iphone erase after 10 failed passcode attempts

How to Erase All Data After 10 Failed Passcode Attempts on iPhone

Everyone enters their iPhone passcode incorrectly from time to time. Sometimes the phone won’t register a button press, or you accidentally enter your ATM pincode instead of your device passcode. But while one or two failed passcode attempts can be normal, 10 failed passcode attempts is pretty unlikely. In fact, this usually only happens when … Read more

delete stations on pandora

How to Delete Stations on Pandora on an iPhone 6

Learning how to delete stations on Pandora is an important skill for any frequent user of the radio streaming app to know. Various music streaming services, like Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora, all have their own methods for delivering songs. While Apple Music and Spotify focus more on individual songs, Pandora uses stations, which you … Read more