delete stations on pandora

How to Delete Stations on Pandora on an iPhone 6

Learning how to delete stations on Pandora is an important skill for any frequent user of the radio streaming app to know. Various music streaming services, like Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora, all have their own methods for delivering songs. While Apple Music and Spotify focus more on individual songs, Pandora uses stations, which you … Read more

turn off quicktype on iphone

How to Turn Off Quicktype on an iPhone 6

The iPhone keyboard can be customized in a bunch of different ways (such as turning off the keyboard clicks), and one of the options involves a feature that can be polarizing among iPhone users. I am talking about the Quicktype, or Predictive, feature on the keyboard. This is the gray bar above the keyboard that … Read more

put autocorrect on iphone

How to Put Autocorrect on the iPhone 6

Your iPhone’s keyboard has a few features that make it easier for you to type quickly. If you are like me and find that you often mistype on that small touch keyboard, then these features can be very helpful. Perhaps the most important keyboard feature, at least when it comes to fixing mistakes that you … Read more