how to save a Google Sheets file as a CSV

How to Save a Google Sheets File as a CSV

The CSV file type might seem somewhat basic when you are dealing with a spreadsheet, but it’s a very versatile file type that works with a lot of different applications and databases. If you typically use Google Sheets to work with your spreadsheets, however, then you might be wondering how to make a CSV file … Read more

how change slide dimensions google slides

How to Change Slide Dimensions in Google Slides

Your Google Slides dimensions can be a pretty important part of your presentation when you want to print it. The standard size of a Google presentation is ideal for presenting on a screen but can be a problem when you print, especially if it’s not on a common paper size. Our tutorial below will show … Read more

Why Is My Google Sheets Toolbar Missing?

Are you trying to make some edits to a spreadsheet that you have in Google Sheets, but you either don’t see the menus at the top of the screen, or the toolbar above the spreadsheet is grayed out? You may be wondering why the Google Sheets toolbar is gone if you aren’t seeing it in … Read more