print entire google sheets workbook

How to Print Your Entire Workbook in Google Sheets

When you print in a spreadsheet application like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel you may have more experience printing individual worksheets. Since configuring a spreadsheet to print often requires a lot of formatting adjustments, it’s usually simpler to focus on one sheet at a time. But you may have Sheets files that contain several worksheets … Read more

How to Change Cell Border Color in Google Sheets

Formatting your cells in a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets is an important component to making your data easier to read. One way that you can accomplish this is by adding borders around a particular dataset, or even the entire spreadsheet, depending on your needs. But if the current border color doesn’t … Read more

how to sort a column in google sheets

How to Sort Highest to Lowest in Google Sheets

While spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets have a multitude of uses, perhaps one of the main reasons to employ this type of program is to quickly sort and analyze data. Since a traditional way to enter data into a spreadsheet involves putting similar kinds of information into the same columns, having the … Read more

how to unhide sheets in google sheets

How to Unhide Sheets in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has an option that you can use to hide some of the worksheet tabs in your file. This is helpful when you have a file with a lot of worksheets, or a sheet that contains sensitive data that shouldn’t be edited. But occasionally you will need to access data on one of the … Read more

how to change the file name in google sheets

How to Change a File Name in Google Sheets

Do you find it difficult to manage your files in Google Drive because the names aren’t descriptive enough? Sometimes we may have an idea of how we want to name our files when we initially create them but, over time, we can discover that our original file names weren’t very helpful. As you use Google … Read more