About Us

Live2Tech is a technology resource website that provides tutorials, how-to guides and other articles to help solve tech problems.

We have been actively writing content and helping readers since 2012, and have been read by millions of readers across the globe.

We strive to provide helpful, accessible content that will provide you with the answers to the problems that you are seeking.

We provide all of the information on this website as a means for you to have an improved experience with your computer, phone, tablet or other gadgets. Live2Tech.com, at its core, is about providing answers and solutions to commonly encountered problems with programs and devices.

Who We Are

Live2Tech is owned and operated by Kermit Matthews, an IT specialist with over 20 years of experience in the field. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2003, and completed his Master’s degree in 2009. His professional career has been spent in IT management, but his current focus is on building websites and writing technology content online.

Since starting Live2Tech in 2012 he has written more than 1000 articles and guides for the site, and has been featured on other sites like wikihow.com, solveyourtech.com, netgear.com and Carnegie Mellon University.


While most of the information provided by Live2Tech.com will not do any harm to your computer or make any substantial changes to the basic operating functionality of your computer or device, the existing condition of your computer, such as the programs that you have installed prior to following one of our tutorials, could potentially impact the effectiveness of the tutorials and information found on this site.

For this reason, Live2Tech.com takes no responsibility for any harm that may come to your property by following the tutorials and information found on any of the pages of this site.

We write the how-to articles on this site from events and experiences in our own lives, so instructional articles are written while simultaneously performing the procedure and capturing the screen shots. We will make every effort to update posts that have become outdated due to program or product updates, but we strongly recommend that you check the date of an article and read the instructions carefully before making changes to your computer or electronic device. Small mistakes and slight differences caused by product updates can eventually lead to potentially disastrous consequences when modified incorrectly. This goes for ensuring that you are using the same version of a product as the version identified in the article. For example, an article about customizing Excel 2010 would have considerably different instructions than an article about Excel 2003.

By following any of the procedures on this website, you are not entering into any contract with Live2Tech.com. You use this information at your own risk.