How to Switch Columns in Google Docs

How to Switch Columns in Google Docs

Working with columns in a document in applications like Microsoft Word or Google Docs is helpful when you are creating or editing a document that benefits from that layout. The Google Docs column system is quite versatile, and you can easily switch between different column amounts if you aren’t sure which option is best for … Read more

how to add a page on Google Docs

How to Add a Page on Google Docs

While many of the formatting adjustments that you need to make in Google Docs will involve things like margins or fonts, you might find that you need to change something about your document layout. This can be fairly simple when it’s a new, blank document, but it becomes more complicated when your document already has … Read more

how to send google docs file as an attachment

How to Email a Google Docs File as a PDF Attachment

While the default Google Docs file format exists solely in the cloud, you do have a handful of options for turning those documents into other file types. One common file type that you might need to generate is a portable document format, or PDF. Our tutorial below will show you a quick way to share … Read more

How to Rotate a Picture in Google Docs

While modern cameras are so good nowadays that almost anyone can take an amazing-looking picture, not every photo is immediately ready for use in a project. Many of them will need some minor adjustments before they reflect the look that you need in your document. If a picture that you would like to use is … Read more