google docs strikethrough text

How to Draw a Line Through Text in Google Docs

The steps in this article are going to show you how to strikethrough a Google Docs document and draw a line through some of the text in your Google Docs file. You can strikethrough in Google Docs by using an option in the menu, or with a keyboard shortcut. You can remove strikethrough from a … Read more

how to change the background in Google Docs

How to Add a Background in Google Docs

A Google Docs document can include combinations of text and other objects to create various types of documents. But when you are attempting to construct the document you may be having trouble figuring out some things, such as how to add a background in Google Docs. You have the ability to set a different color … Read more

how to save a Google Doc file to the iPhone

How to Save Google Doc to iPhone

One of the most convenient elements of Google Apps programs, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides, is that you can access your files from almost any device with an Internet connection. But occasionally you will need a copy of a Google Docs document, so it is useful to know how to save … Read more

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How to Put an Accent Over a Letter on Google Docs

Writing about a crème brûlée recipe in Microsoft Word will be easy. But while you are typing accented letters in Google Docs, you may feel a little baffled about how to get the appropriate letters with the correct accent symbols! However, there are always tricks to make the task a bit easier. But some of … Read more

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How to Change Text to All Caps in Google Docs

If you’ve been typing in a document as a train of thought then you may not be giving much thought to proper capitalization or grammar. So if you have a document that contains only lowercase text, or a mix of upper and lowercase, then you might be looking for a way to change lowercase to … Read more