How to Add a Bullet Point in Google Docs

Adding a bullet point in Google Docs is simple: you click on the bullet list icon in the toolbar or press Ctrl + Shift + 8 on a PC or Command + Shift + 8 on a Mac. This will start a bulleted list for you, and hitting Enter after typing your text will create a new bullet point below.

After you complete the action of adding a bullet point, your document will have a list that is easy to read and well-organized. Bullet points help to break down information into digestible pieces, making your document more user-friendly.


Google Docs is an incredibly handy tool that has revolutionized the way we create, edit, and share documents. Whether you’re a student taking notes, a professional drafting a report, or a volunteer compiling a list of resources, bullet points are a staple in organizing content. They help readers identify key points at a glance and are essential for breaking down complex information into bite-sized, manageable chunks.

But why is learning to add bullet points in Google Docs so crucial? For starters, it gives your documents a polished look, making them more engaging to read. Plus, it’s a fundamental skill that can boost your efficiency in document creation. It’s not just about the visual appeal; it’s about communication. When you’re trying to get your point across, you don’t want a wall of text intimidating your readers. You want clarity and conciseness, and that’s exactly what bullet points provide.

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A Step by Step Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through the simple steps to add bullet points in Google Docs, making your document more structured and reader-friendly.

Step 1: Open your Google Docs document.

Access your document where you want to add bullet points.

When you open your document, place your cursor where you want your list to begin. This could be in a new section or in the middle of your content.

Step 2: Click on the bullet list icon in the toolbar.

Use the bullet list icon to start your list.

The bullet list icon looks like three stacked lines with dots to the left. It’s usually found in the toolbar at the top of your document. Clicking this button will instantly create a bullet point.

Step 3: Type your text for the first bullet point.

Enter the information for your bullet.

After you’ve clicked the bullet list icon, type out your first item. Once you hit Enter, a new bullet point will automatically appear underneath.

Step 4: Press ‘Enter’ after each bullet point.

Create a new bullet point by pressing Enter.

Every time you press Enter, a new bullet will be created directly below the last one, allowing you to continue your list without interruption.

Step 5: End the bullet list.

Finish your bullet list when you have added all points.

When you have completed your list, press Enter twice, or press the bullet list icon again to return to the normal text format.


Adding bullet points in Google Docs comes with several benefits that enhance your document’s readability and structure.

Benefit 1: Enhances readability.

Bullet points break down complex information.

Using bullet points makes your document easier to skim through, allowing readers to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Benefit 2: Organizes information effectively.

A bullet list creates an organized structure.

Information presented in bullet points is more digestible and can be better understood at a glance, which is especially beneficial for lists, features, and instructions.

Benefit 3: Makes editing simpler.

Editing lists in bullet form is more straightforward.

If you need to rearrange or edit points, it’s much easier to do this within a bulleted list. You can add or remove items without disrupting the document’s flow.


While bullet points are useful, there are some drawbacks to consider.

Drawback 1: Overuse can be overwhelming.

Too many bullet points can clutter your document.

If used excessively, bullet points can make your document look crowded, which may overwhelm the reader instead of aiding their understanding.

Drawback 2: May oversimplify information.

Bullet points might oversimplify complex information.

Some details may be lost when complex ideas are boiled down into bullet points. This can lead to oversimplification of important nuances.

Drawback 3: Not always suitable for all content.

Bullet points are not ideal for every type of content.

Narrative or flowing content that requires a more eloquent approach may not benefit from the fragmented nature of bullet lists.

Additional Information

There’s more to bullet points in Google Docs than just the basics. For example, did you know you can customize the bullets? Google Docs allows you to change the bullet style, which can be great for differentiating sections or for purely aesthetic purposes. To do this, click on the dropdown arrow next to the bullet list icon and choose from various styles like arrows, squares, or even emoji.

You can also indent bullet points to create sub-lists. This is done by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard after creating a new bullet point, which can help you outline information in a hierarchical structure. To outdent, or move a bullet back to the left, you can press Shift + Tab.

Keyboard shortcuts are your friends when it comes to efficiency. Memorizing the shortcut for adding bullets can save you time, especially if you are dealing with extensive lists. Additionally, if you’re collaborating on a document, using bullets can be a great way to assign tasks or points to different collaborators clearly.


  1. Open your Google Docs document.
  2. Click on the bullet list icon in the toolbar.
  3. Type your text for the first bullet point.
  4. Press ‘Enter’ after each bullet point.
  5. End the bullet list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the bullet points in Google Docs?

Yes, you can change the style of your bullet points by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the bullet list icon.

How do I create sub-lists within bullet points?

You can create sub-lists by pressing the Tab key after creating a new bullet point to indent it.

What if I want to end the bullet list?

To end a bullet list, press Enter twice, or press the bullet list icon again to return to normal text formatting.

Can bullet points be used in shared documents?

Absolutely, bullet points work the same way in shared documents and can help in organizing collaborative content.

Are there keyboard shortcuts for creating bullet points?

Yes, you can press Ctrl + Shift + 8 on a PC or Command + Shift + 8 on a Mac to start a bullet list.


Mastering the simple yet essential skill of adding bullet points in Google Docs can transform your documents from monotonous blocks of text into clear, concise, and organized information that is accessible to all readers. Whether you’re preparing a quick to-do list or drafting an extensive project proposal, knowing how to effectively break down your points is fundamental in the digital age. While it’s important to be aware of the potential for overuse or inappropriate application, bullet points are, without a doubt, a cornerstone of effective document formatting. So, the next time you’re faced with a dense jungle of words, remember that bullet points could be your machete to clear a path for your reader’s understanding.