How to Add Lines Between Columns in Word 2013

Certain types of documents require columns. Most often these will be things like periodical articles or newsletters, but it’s a type of formatting that you can easily create in Microsoft Word. However, there won’t be any lines between these columns by default, which could leave you wondering how to insert lines between columns in Word. … Read more

how to remove a text box in word 2013

How to Delete a Text Box in Word 2013

Microsoft Word provides you with a number of tools to format the text and other objects that you add to the body of your document. But some of these objects behave a little differently than standard document text, specifically text boxes. If you discover that a text box or the text within it is problematic, … Read more

how to turn off drag and drop in word 2013

How to Disable the Drag and Drop Word 2013 Feature

Have you ever been proofreading a document that you wrote and discovered that an entire phrase, sentence, or paragraph seemed to be completely misplaced? While you might think that you were distracted or made some kind of inexplicable mistake, it’s more likely that you accidentally dragged and dropped that information in the wrong spot. Microsoft … Read more

how to edit a Word document on an iPhone 13

How to Edit Word Document on iPhone 13

While Google Apps and its word processing application, Google Docs, has become more and more popular, Microsoft Word is still widely used for personal, school, and work document creation. As users continually move to mobile devices and perform more activities there, it’s only natural that Word users would be looking for a way to edit … Read more

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How to Add Border to Picture in Word 2013

While many changes or edits that you make to a picture will occur in an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint, you may not have access to an application like that. Fortunately, you can use the picture tools in Microsoft Word to make some changes to your images, including adding a picture … Read more

how to hide formatting marks in word 2013

How to Remove Paragraph Marks in Word 2013

Are you seeing strange symbols in your Microsoft Word document, but you can’t seem to delete them or, if you do delete them, it reconfigures your document in a way that you don’t want? The strange symbols you are seeing are actually formatting marks, and they indicate things like paragraphs and bulleted lists. These formatting … Read more