center vertical alignment in word 2013

How to Vertically Center Text in Word 2013

While the formatting requirements for different schools and organizations can vary, there are certain settings that are somewhat common. For example, it’s very common to have to double-space documents so that readers can add notes between the lines. Another formatting requirement that you might encounter involves centering your document title on a title page, but … Read more

How to Make a Fraction in Word 2016

The steps in this guide are going to show you how to put a fraction into Microsoft Word using the Equation tool. Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel often require you to work with different types of data and content. In Microsoft Word that is usually just text, but it can occasionally … Read more

how to change paper size in Word

How to Change the Paper Size in Word for Office 365

The steps in this article are going to show you how to change paper size in Word. The default paper size for your Microsoft Word document is determined by your geographic location. The page size for new documents will be either letter paper size or A4 paper size. ​The Page Setup menu in Microsoft Word lets … Read more

How to Add Lines Between Columns in Word 2013

Certain types of documents require columns. Most often these will be things like periodical articles or newsletters, but it’s a type of formatting that you can easily create in Microsoft Word. However, there won’t be any lines between these columns by default, which could leave you wondering how to insert lines between columns in Word. … Read more

how to remove a text box in word 2013

How to Delete a Text Box in Word 2013

Microsoft Word provides you with a number of tools to format the text and other objects that you add to the body of your document. But some of these objects behave a little differently than standard document text, specifically text boxes. If you discover that a text box or the text within it is problematic, … Read more

how to turn off drag and drop in word 2013

How to Disable the Drag and Drop Word 2013 Feature

Have you ever been proofreading a document that you wrote and discovered that an entire phrase, sentence, or paragraph seemed to be completely misplaced? While you might think that you were distracted or made some kind of inexplicable mistake, it’s more likely that you accidentally dragged and dropped that information in the wrong spot. Microsoft … Read more