how to write vertically in word 2013

How to Write Vertically in Word 2013

Certain types of documents, like flyers or newsletters, might need special formatting when they are created. If text in that document needs to be displayed in a manner other than horizontal, you may need to know how to write vertically in Word 2013. It’s an option that is found relatively easily in some other Microsoft … Read more

How to Insert a Watermark in Word 2016

If you’ve ever seen a document that had a faded out word or picture behind the document text, then you have seen a watermark. This is a useful formatting option to include on documents so that they are easy to identify. So if you’ve been looking for a way to insert a watermark in Microsoft … Read more

how to rotate text in word

How to Rotate Text in Word 365

When you create a new Word document and start typing, the text direction will likely involve horizontal text going left to right (or right to left, depending on your language.) But you may need to rotate text in Microsoft Word if you are creating a document where the standard text direction doesn’t work for something. … Read more

how to double space in Word 2010

How to Double Space in Word 2010

Learning how to double space in Word 2010 will provide you with a good skill to have when you are typing documents for a job or school that has specific formatting requirements. Teachers often like double-spaced documents because they provide additional space for notes, while employers might like them because they are easier to read. … Read more