how to remove formatting when pasting in word 2013

How to Always Paste Without Formatting in Word 2013

If you are accustomed to copying data from a Web page or another file and pasting it into Microsoft Word, then you have probably notice dhow different things can look. Perhaps you have even started using shortcuts to remove this formatting so that you don’t need to do it manually. Our tutorial below will show … Read more

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How to Make a Link Clickable in Word Documents

Hyperlinks are an important component of many of the articles and documents that we read on our phones and computers. Microsoft Word has long provided the means to add links to documents, but you might be struggling to click them. Our tutorial below will show you how to make links clickable in Word so that … Read more

how to add a link in Microsoft Word

How to Put a Link in Word

When you are creating or editing a Microsoft Word document, you might encounter a situation where you would like to add a hyperlink that goes to a different part of the same document, another document, or even a Web page. Luckily Microsoft Word has a lot of tools that you can use to insert different … Read more

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How to Remove Fill Color in Excel Text Box in Microsoft Excel 2013

Once you start using color to format your spreadsheet cells, you may start to use it whenever the chance arises. But you may find that something has changed, and a color you used previously now needs to be removed. You can continue reading our how to remove color from Excel cells tutorial for more information … Read more

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How to Add Last Name and Page Number in Word

Placing important information into the header of a document can be useful to your readers. It’s also fairly common for schools and organizations to require specific types of information in that location. Therefore you may need to know how to add your last name and page numbers in Microsoft Word. A common formatting option if … Read more