How to Mirror an Image in Word

Creating a mirror image in a Microsoft Word document can be accomplished thanks to a handy set of tools that are available on the Picture Format tab. But there isn’t a specific “mirror image” option on that dialog box, so you need to use one of the rotation options instead. Is there a picture that … Read more

how to double space in word 2013

How to Double Space in Word 2013

Learning how to make formatting changes in Microsoft Word can help you to make your document look exactly how you want. This is especially important if your school or work has specific requirements. Therefore you might need to know how to double space in Microsoft Word 2013. Double spacing can make documents easier to read … Read more

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How to Merge Multiple Documents in Word 2013

There are some tools in Microsoft Word that few users will need to access. But they can be very helpful in the right situation, such as when you have more than one document that you want to combine with others. Fortunately you can learn how to merge documents in Word 2013 by using a tool … Read more

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How to Add Page 1 of 2 in Word 2013

Customizing the page numbers in a Word document can be difficult the first couple of times you try. Page numbers in the header or footer and handled a little differently than the rest of the content in a document, and there are several different options. You may be wondering how to add a page 1 … Read more