how to add a horizontal line in word 2013

How to Add a Horizontal Line in Word 2013

Documents can sometimes be difficult to read when there’s just a running string of text. It can also be difficult to indicate where a section ends and another begins. Therefore it can be helpful to know how to insert a horizontal line in Microsoft Word if you want a visual cue that a section is … Read more

How to Add Last Name and Page Number in Word

Placing important information into the header of a document can be useful to your readers. It’s also fairly common for schools and organizations to require specific types of information in that location. Therefore you may need to know how to add your last name and page numbers in Microsoft Word. A common formatting option if … Read more

how to curve text in word

How to Curve Text in Microsoft Word for Office 365

Even if you’ve been a Microsoft Word user for a long time, there are certain formatting options or objects that you need, but might not know where to find. For example, you might need to know how to curve text in Word if you’re designing a document that would benefit from having that effect. A … Read more

how to indent a half inch on Word

How to Indent Half an Inch on Word

Microsoft Word has a handful of different ways to adjust margins, formatting and spacing. Use these steps to indent half an inch in Word. Open your document. Click inside the paragraph that you want to indent. Select the Layout tab at the top of the window. Click inside the Left field under Indent and enter … Read more

how to add a link in Microsoft Word

How to Put a Link in Microsoft Word

Adding a link to Microsoft Word is a great way to provide your readers with an external reference. Use these steps to put a link in Microsoft Word. Open your document. Select the text that you want to link. Click the Insert tab. Click the Link button. Enter your link into the Address field, then … Read more