How to Mirror an Image in Word

Is there a picture that you want to use in your Microsoft Word document, but it’s reversed? Or are you trying to make a printout for a t-shirt and the picture is ironing on backwards? Luckily there is a feature in Microsoft Word that you can use to fix this. Hidden among the various image-editing … Read more

How to Add a Pi Symbol in Microsoft Word for Office 365

Opening a document in Microsoft Word and adding text or numbers is something that most computer users have done at one point or another in their life. You may have even experimented with adding additional document objects, such as a picture or a table. But one type of object that you might need to add … Read more

How to Add Lines Between Columns in Word 2013

While the default layout for a new document in Microsoft Word will fill the entire width of the page as you type and add content, some situations may arise where you need to add columns to your document. But after you have formatted your document with columns, you may notice that the document seems difficult … Read more

how to rotate text in word

How to Rotate Text in Word 365

While many of the documents that you create for work or school will consist solely of entering text directly into the body of the document, situations may ariser where you need to make some creative formatting choice about your information. This is more common with things like newsletters or flyers where the visual appeal of … Read more