can i move an app on my iphone 7

Can I Move Apps on My iPhone 7?

When you install a new app on your iPhone, it will get placed in the first open spot on your Homer screen. If you have a lot of apps on your device, then that could mean that you need to swipe through multiple screens to find them. Our can I move apps on my iPhone … Read more

How to Restart the Roku Premiere Plus

The Roku Premiere Plus is essentially a small computer, which means that apps or services on the app can occasionally stop working properly. This can make the device difficult, or even impossible, to use as intended. You might have unplugged the device and then plugged it back in to fix this problem before, but that … Read more

how to create a signature in gmail

How to Create an Email Signature in Gmail

When you set up a signature in an email application like Gmail, you have the option of including that signature at the bottom of every email that you send. This is a popular option for people that are sending work emails, as the signature is a great location to put additional contact information. Plus, the … Read more

how to hide a slide in powerpoint 2013

How to Hide a Slide in Powerpoint 2013

Microsoft Powerpoint has a lot of ways that you can edit slides, including an option that lets you remove a slide from a presentation. This ability to hide slides is really useful because it means that the slide won’t be included in the presentation, but it doesn’t delete it if you are going to add … Read more