how to change view in gmail

How to Change Gmail View

The appearance of your most frequently used apps and most visited websites is something that a lot of people want to customize. Since your email inbox is likely among your most visited sites, it would make sense that you would want to change the view in Gmail so that you can see more or fewer … Read more

how to reset network settings on an iPhone 11

iPhone 11 – Reset Network Settings Guide

Your Apple iPhone stores a number of different network settings for networks to which you have connected in the past. This includes things like WiFi networks that you have connected to, Bluetooth devices that you have paired, data restriction settings for apps, and more. If you are experiencing problems with something related to this, then … Read more

how to close apps on the iphone 5 in ios 7

How to Close Apps on iPhone 5

It’s pretty easy to cycle through a lot of different apps on your iPhone throughout the day. Between text messages, phone calls, and emails, plus all of the fun third-party apps, it can be surprising just how many you use. If an app isn’t moving to the background properly, or if it seems to be … Read more