how to write vertically in word 2013

How to Write Vertically in Word 2013

Certain types of documents, like flyers or newsletters, might need special formatting when they are created. If text in that document needs to be displayed in a manner other than horizontal, you may need to know how to write vertically in Word 2013. It’s an option that is found relatively easily in some other Microsoft … Read more

turn airplane mode on or off from control center

How to Enable or Disable iPhone 6 Airplane Mode

While one of the biggest appeals of a device like the iPhone is its ability to keep you connected to friends, family, and the rest of the world, there are situations where you need to disconnect the device from the Internet. Whether it’s because you are on a plane and need to turn off your … Read more

how to show the bcc field in outlook 2013

How to Add BCC to Outlook 2013

Have you ever needed to include a boss or colleague on an email that you are sending, but you don’t want the other people in the conversation to know that person has been included? You may have resorted to options like forwarding the email after sending it to the other people in the conversation, but … Read more

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How to Delete GarageBand – iPhone 7

One of the apps that comes with your iPhone is called “GarageBand.” It allows you to create and save songs on your iPhone, and is useful for musicians or individuals in a garage band who need a simple yet powerful way to digitally manage and edit their recordings. The default apps on an iPhone have … Read more

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How to Delete Saved Passwords on iPhone 11

Your iPhone is able to save passwords for websites and accounts that you visit. This makes it much easier to sign into accounts that you need, as the iPhone can automatically fill in the information if you have enabled autofill. But you may have a password saved that is incorrect, or that you simply might … Read more