How to Write in Hindi in Microsoft Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Writing in Hindi in Microsoft Word isn’t as tricky as it might seem. Start by enabling the Hindi language in your system settings. Next, switch over to Microsoft Word and select Hindi as your input language. Then, simply start typing in Hindi using your keyboard. If you’re more comfortable with a Hindi keyboard layout, you can toggle the language bar to switch between different keyboard layouts. And there you have it, a basic rundown to get you started on typing in Hindi in Microsoft Word.

After you complete this action, you’ll be able to compose and edit documents in Hindi, expanding your capabilities to work with multiple languages in Microsoft Word. This opens up a plethora of opportunities for communication, documentation, and content creation in Hindi.


The world has shrunk into a global village, and with this transformation, the need to communicate across different languages has exponentially grown. Whether you’re a professional working with clients from Hindi-speaking regions, a student looking to submit assignments in Hindi, or simply someone interested in learning and using the language, being able to type in Hindi on Microsoft Word is an invaluable skill.

Microsoft Word, the ubiquitous word processing software, supports a multitude of languages, including Hindi. This compatibility allows people from different linguistic backgrounds to use the software effectively. Knowing how to write in Hindi on Microsoft Word not only makes communication smoother but also ensures that your documents can be shared with a wider audience. Plus, with Microsoft Word’s advanced features, like spell check and grammar suggestions, your Hindi writing will be as polished as your English documents. So, who exactly needs to know how to write in Hindi in Microsoft Word? Practically anyone who wants to bridge the language gap and make their work accessible to Hindi speakers.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Write in Hindi in Microsoft Word

The following steps will guide you through setting up and using Microsoft Word to write in Hindi.

Step 1: Enable Hindi Language on Your System

Access your system settings to add Hindi as a language.

By adding Hindi to your system’s language settings, your computer will recognize Hindi characters and allow you to type in the language. This is essential for writing in Hindi on any program, including Microsoft Word.

Step 2: Switch to Microsoft Word

Open Microsoft Word and prepare to select your input language.

Once Hindi is enabled on your system, you need to open Microsoft Word to start typing. Before you can write in Hindi, you must select it as your input language, which you’ll do in the following steps.

Step 3: Choose Hindi as Your Input Language

Select the language bar and choose Hindi as your input language.

The language bar in Microsoft Word allows you to switch between different input languages. Choosing Hindi tells Word that you intend to type in that language.

Step 4: Start Typing in Hindi

Begin typing in Hindi using your keyboard.

After selecting Hindi as your input language, your keyboard will now produce Hindi characters. You may need to familiarize yourself with the Hindi keyboard layout to type efficiently. If your keyboard doesn’t have Hindi characters printed on it, you may consider a virtual keyboard or Hindi keyboard stickers.


Increases AccessibilityBy typing in Hindi, you’ll make your documents accessible to millions of Hindi speakers who may not be comfortable with English.
Expands Reader ReachWriting in Hindi can help you reach a broader audience, particularly in Hindi-speaking regions, which can be valuable for businesses and educators.
Enhances Cultural ConnectionUsing Hindi in your documents can create a cultural connection with your audience, showing respect and acknowledgment of their language.


Keyboard Layout Learning CurveIf you’re not familiar with the Hindi keyboard layout, there can be a learning curve to typing efficiently.
Limited Font ChoicesWhile Microsoft Word supports Hindi, there may be fewer font options available than there are for English, which could limit design choices.
Potential Compatibility IssuesWhen sharing documents with others who may not have Hindi enabled on their systems, there could be compatibility issues with the text displaying correctly.

Additional Information

While the steps to write in Hindi in Microsoft Word are straightforward, there are additional details that can enhance your experience. First, consider the font you use. Some fonts are better suited for Hindi script, offering clearer, more readable text. Over time, Microsoft Word has improved its capabilities, and now it even offers spell check and grammar suggestions for Hindi text, just like it does for English.

For those looking to improve their Hindi typing speed, there are online tools and software that can help you practice and get more comfortable with the Hindi keyboard layout. Also, don’t forget the power of shortcuts. Microsoft Word allows you to switch between languages using keyboard shortcuts, which can significantly speed up your workflow.

Lastly, for those who frequently write in Hindi, customizing your Word environment to better suit Hindi language writing can be a game-changer. This includes adjusting the default language settings and even customizing the ribbon with tools specific to Hindi language tasks.


  1. Enable the Hindi language on your system.
  2. Open Microsoft Word.
  3. Select Hindi as your input language.
  4. Start typing in Hindi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write in Hindi in Microsoft Word on a Mac?

Yes, you can write in Hindi on Microsoft Word for Mac by enabling the Hindi language in the system preferences and selecting it as your input language in Word.

Do I need a special keyboard to type in Hindi?

No, you do not need a special keyboard. Enabling the Hindi language on your system will allow you to type in Hindi using your regular keyboard, though you may need to familiarize yourself with the layout.

Can I switch between English and Hindi while typing in Microsoft Word?

Yes, you can easily switch between English and Hindi using the language bar or keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word.

Are there any additional tools I need to download to write in Hindi in Microsoft Word?

No additional tools are necessary, as long as you have the Hindi language enabled and selected in Microsoft Word.

Will my Hindi text in Microsoft Word be compatible with other software?

Most modern software supports Unicode, which means your Hindi text should be compatible across different platforms. However, compatibility may vary, and it’s always best to check with the specific software.


In today’s interconnected world, being able to write in multiple languages is a significant advantage, and Microsoft Word is an accommodating partner in this linguistic journey. Writing in Hindi in Microsoft Word allows individuals and businesses to communicate effectively with a broader audience, respect cultural nuances, and ensure their message reaches Hindi speakers in their native tongue.

While the process may seem daunting at first, especially if you’re new to the Hindi keyboard layout, the convenience and benefits far outweigh the initial hurdles. With practice and the right tools, writing in Hindi in Microsoft Word becomes second nature, opening doors to new opportunities and connections. So, why not take that step towards inclusivity and start typing in Hindi today?