How to Change the Color of a Google Doc

Changing the color of a Google Doc is a simple process. It involves accessing the document’s Page Setup settings to tweak the page color and the text’s formatting options to adjust the text color. By doing this, you can customize the appearance of your document in just a few clicks.

After you change the color of your Google Doc, the visual appeal of your document will improve, potentially making it more engaging for readers. Color can emphasize important information, reflect your brand identity, or just make the document less monotonous to look at.


Picture this: You’ve just typed up a killer report in Google Docs, but it looks as plain as a vanilla ice cream cone without the sprinkles. We live in a world where color can convey messages, evoke emotions, and make or break a reader’s interest. That’s where the nifty color-changing features in Google Docs come into play. Whether you’re a student wanting to impress your teacher or a professional aiming to make your document stand out, knowing how to spruce up your Google Docs with a splash of color is crucial.

Why stick to black and white when you have a whole spectrum at your fingertips? Color can highlight key areas, categorize information, or simply give your document a personal touch. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about communication and effectiveness. And the best part? It’s easy, and anyone can do it – no need to be a tech wizard! So, let’s dive into the rainbow and learn how to add some color to your Google Docs.

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A Step by Step Tutorial

Before we dive into the vibrant world of colors, let’s understand what these steps will do. They will guide you through the process of changing the background color of your document and the color of the text. This way, your document will stand out and convey the mood or theme you’re going for.

Access the File Menu

Open your Google Doc and click on the “File” menu at the top-left corner.

Here’s where the magic starts. The “File” menu is like the gateway to your document’s backstage, where all the behind-the-scenes settings live.

Go to Page Setup

Select “Page Setup” at the bottom of the menu.

“Page Setup” is where you can control the margins, orientation, and – you guessed it – the page color.

Change the Page Color

Click on “Page Color” and choose your desired hue.

This is where your document gets a new coat of paint. Feel free to play around with different colors. You’ll see a palette of shades to choose from, or you can get specific with custom colors if you’re feeling fancy.

Highlight Text

Select the text whose color you want to change with your cursor.

Highlighting the text is as simple as clicking and dragging over the words you want to jazz up, just like using a real highlighter on paper.

Change Text Color

Click on the “Text Color” icon in the toolbar and select a color.

The “Text Color” icon looks like a capital ‘A’ with a color bar underneath it. Here, your selected text will get the color transformation.

Save the Changes

After making your changes, click “OK” in the Page Setup and click anywhere on your document to apply text color changes.

Don’t forget to save! This ensures your colorful masterpiece stays that way when you come back to it.


Enhances Readability

The right color choices can make your document more readable.

Colors can break the monotony of text, making it easier on the eyes and helping readers focus on important sections. It’s a straightforward way to guide your reader’s attention where you want it.

Improves Aesthetics

A touch of color can transform a dull document.

Imagine a document that’s not only informative but also pleasing to look at. Color can turn a typical report into a visually appealing piece that stands out.

Reflects Personality or Branding

Colors can reflect individuality or brand identity.

Whether you’re going for a cool blue to convey professionalism or a vibrant orange for creativity, the colors you choose can say a lot about you or your brand without using words.


Can Be Distracting

Too much color or the wrong choice can be counterproductive.

If you get carried away and your document starts looking like a rainbow exploded on it, you might distract your readers from the actual content.

Printing Considerations

Colored backgrounds can use up a lot of printer ink.

Remember that if your document needs to be printed, a colorful background could mean a trip to the store for more ink cartridges.

Accessibility Issues

Not everyone experiences color the same way.

For people with color blindness or other visual impairments, your killer color combo might just fall flat or even make the text hard to read. Always consider accessibility.

Additional Information

Diving deeper into the world of Google Docs color customization, there are a few more tricks up the sleeve. For instance, if you want to get even more creative, you can insert colored tables, borders, or even images with transparent backgrounds to act as color overlays. The ‘Explore’ feature in Google Docs can also suggest color themes based on the images and content in your document.

Another handy tip is to use the ‘Paint Format’ tool. It’s like a cloning device for formatting. If you’ve got a particular color setting on one piece of text and you want to copy that to another section, just click the ‘Paint Format’ icon after selecting the formatted text, and then click on the text you want to change. It’s a huge time-saver!

Don’t forget to consider the psychological impact of colors. For example, blue can convey trust and dependability, while red can signal urgency or importance. This can be particularly useful when designing documents for business or marketing purposes.


Here’s a quick rundown of the steps to add color to your Google Doc:

  1. Access the File Menu
  2. Go to Page Setup
  3. Change the Page Color
  4. Highlight Text
  5. Change Text Color
  6. Save the Changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply gradients or patterns as a background in Google Docs?

No, currently Google Docs does not support gradients or patterned backgrounds natively. You would need to use an image for that.

Will changing the color of my document affect how it prints?

Yes, it can affect ink usage and the visual output, depending on the printer’s color capabilities.

Can I save my color choices for future documents?

Google Docs does not save custom color choices for new documents, but you can create a template with your preferred colors.

Is there a way to change the color of all my text at once?

Yes, you can select all text by pressing Ctrl+A (Cmd+A on Mac) and then change the color using the ‘Text Color’ icon.

What if I change my mind about a color after saving?

You can always go back and change the colors again by repeating the same steps.


Color is a powerful tool in any document creator’s arsenal, and with Google Docs, applying your preferred hue is only a few clicks away. We’ve covered the essentials, from the quick steps to change the page and text color, to the pros and cons, and even tossed in some additional insights to make your document truly pop. Always keep in mind the balance between creativity and readability, and remember to consider how color choices might affect those with visual impairments. So go ahead, give your documents the color treatment they deserve and watch them come to life!

Now, why not open a Google Doc and try out these steps? With the right splash of color, your document can go from drab to fab in no time!