How to Insert a Column in Google Sheets

When you first create a spreadsheet you probably have a general idea of the information you need, and what will be included in the sheet. But over time the spreadsheet may evolve to need additional information, or you might discover that you can discern some valuable data from what you have already added to the sheet.

But as you discover that you need a new column of data, you may not want to add it to the first empty column at the right end of the spreadsheet, but rather you want to add it in between two of your existing columns. Instead of cutting and pasting all of your sheets to a new location you can insert a column and include the desired data in those cells instead.


How to Add a Column to a Spreadsheet in Google Sheets

The steps in this guide were performed in Google Chrome, but will also work in Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge.

Step 1: Go to your Google Drive at and open the spreadsheet into which you wish to insert a column.


Step 2: Select a column next to where you wish to insert the column. You can add a column to the left of right of this column, so the relation of the existing column’s location to the new column’s location is not important.

how to add a column to a spreadsheet in google sheets



Step 3: Right-click the selected column letter, then click the Insert 1 left of Insert 1 right option.

how to insert a column in google sheets



The empty column should now be visible in the desired location.


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