How to View Saved Passwords in Safari in iOS 9

Did you sign up for an account through the Safari browser on your iPhone, or are you trying to sign into an account on a different device, but you don’t remember the password? Your iPhone has a handy function where it can save passwords for sites that you visit, provided that you have chosen to allow the iPhone to remember that information.

You can even find these passwords in the Safari menu on the device, which means that it can serve as a kind of notepad in the event that you forget the password and can’t access the account from a computer, or a different browser on your iPhone. Our guide below will show you where to find these saved passwords in iOS 9.


Viewing Saved Passwords in Safari in iOS 9

Device used: iPhone 6 Plus

Software version: iOS 9.2

These steps will show you how to see a password that is saved on your iPhone. Note that you will need to provide a Touch ID or passcode before you can see this information, so it will be safe from unwanted eyes.

Here is how to view saved passwords in the Safari iPhone browser in iOS 9 –

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Safari.
  3. Tap Passwords.
  4. Use your fingerprint or passcode to unlock this screen.
  5. Select the account for which you want to view the password.
  6. The password is displayed in the Password field.


You can see these steps below as well, but with pictures –

Step 1: Tap on the Settings icon.

open the iphone settings menu



Step 2: Scroll down and select the Safari option.

open the safari menu



Step 3: Select the Passwords option.

open the passwords menu



Step 4: Enter your Touch ID or Passcode, depending upon which iPhone model you have and which form of security you have implemented.

enter your security info



Step 5: Select the account or website for which you wish to view your stored password.


Step 6: The password is shown on this screen.

how to view stored passwords in safari in ios 9



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