delete the call log on an iphone 5

How to Delete the Call Log on an iPhone 5

Your iPhone keeps a list of recent calls that you have both made and received. This provides a convenient location for you to call back someone whose call you missed, or to quickly place a repeat call that you had made previously. But anyone that has access to your iPhone can see this list of … Read more

iphone alarm vibrate only

How to Set an iPhone Alarm to Vibrate Only

The iPhone makes a great alarm clock, largely because you will often have it near you whether at home or traveling. But the alarm sound can be loud, so you might be looking to set an iPhone alarm that only vibrates. Fortunately this is an option that is available to you as an iPhone owner, although … Read more

disable ios 9 restrictions

How to Turn Off Restrictions in iOS 9

The Restrictions menu on the iPhone is terrific if you have a child with an iPhone, or if you work for an organization that needs to limit what people can do with their phones. Restrictions are easy to set up and change, and there is a surprising amount that you can accomplish by simply adjusting … Read more