how to close tabs in safari on iphone 7

How to Close Tabs on iPhone 7

When you open the Safari app on your iPhone you can see all your Safari tabs by tapping on the overlapping squares at the bottom of the window. If there are tabs open there that you no longer need, you can tap the x on an open tab to close it in the iPhone Safari … Read more

how to turn off tty on iphone 7

How to Turn Off TTY on iPhone 7

There are a variety of icons that can appear in the status bar at the top of your iPhone. Some of these icons are easy to identify, but there are others that can seem confusing, especially if you have turned something on that you haven’t used before. The iPhone includes many features that can help … Read more

how to keep iphone 7 from going to sleep

How Do You Keep Your iPhone 7 From Going to Sleep?

Have you ever been trying to do something on your iPhone that becomes much more frustrating than it should because the screen keeps turning off? This is meant to be a security and battery-saving feature, but it can make life a little more difficult when you are trying to follow instructions or do something where … Read more

how to clear iPhone 6 Safari history

How to Delete History on iPhone 6

When you visit a website in the Safari browser on your iPhone, that page is saved to your history. Use these steps to clear the history on an iPhone 6. Almost every Web browser that you use, whether on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, is going to save a history of the Web pages that … Read more

how to edit the email signature on an apple watch

How to Change Apple Watch Email Signature

Using mobile devices to read, respond to, or create emails has become so commonplace that you might assume that most of the emails you receive were sent by someone on the iPhone or Android smartphone. But this functionality is available on other mobile devices, too, like the iPad and even the Apple Watch. If you … Read more