how to disable the screen saver on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to Turn Off the Firestick Screensaver

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an affordable set-top streaming device that has become one of the top choices for anyone that want to stream content to their TV. With the number of people that are cutting the cable cord, this can be one of the easiest ways to provide video entertainment to your living … Read more

restarting an Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to Restart an Amazon Firestick

Much like your phone or computer, the Amazon Firestick might occasionally run into an issue that affects the way it operates. Just like those other devices, that might mean it needs to be rebooted. Fortunately, you can learn how to restart an Amazon Firestick and get it back up and running quickly. How to Reboot … Read more

How to Update Apps Automatically on an Amazon Fire TV

Enabling the option to update apps automatically on your Amazon Fire TV means that the device will automatically install new versions of your apps as they become available. The app won’t update automatically if the new version requires different permissions than the previous version of the app. If you have a limited amount of data … Read more