how to find the phone number on an iphone 7

How to Find Your Phone Number on an iPhone 7

Your Apple iPhone has so many features and capabilities that it can sometimes be difficult to find information that seems basic. For example, you may not know the number of the device that you are using, and might be looking for a way to find that number on your iPhone 7. Phone numbers are something … Read more

how to add the spanish keyboard on an iphone 7

How to Add a Spanish Keyboard to an iPhone 7

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how to unblock a phone number on an iphone 7

How to Unblock a Phone Number on an iPhone 7

If you are receiving phone calls from a number or contact and that person won’t stop trying to reach you, then the ability to block a number on your iPhone can be very helpful. But you might also need to know how to unblock a contact if you accidentally blocked someone that you didn’t mean … Read more

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How to Record a Voice Memo on an iPhone 7

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how many apps do I have on my iphone 7

How Many Apps Are Installed on My iPhone 7?

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