how to find the mac address on an iphone 7

How to Find iPhone 7 MAC Address

A MAC address, or media access control address, is a piece of identifying information that is assigned to the piece of hardware on your device that connects to networks. Different manufacturers use their own ranges of MAC addresses, so many iPhones, for example, will have similar MAC addresses. Occasionally you might need to know a … Read more

how to set default search engine for safari on iphone

How to Make Google Default Search Engine on iPhone 7

There are a variety of different defaults that you can set on your computer or iPhone. These can range from things like your default email address or media players to a default ringtone or payment method. But you can also choose a default search engine, which will be where Safari performs Internet searches that you … Read more

how to disable burst photo upload on an iphone 7

How to Disable Burst Photos Upload on an iPhone 7

If you are wondering how to turn off bursts on iPhone, then you have probably discovered that your camera is taking multiple copies of every picture, which is quickly filling up your device and iCloud storage. Since it’s so easy to take pictures on the iPhone you could have a lot of separate images, and … Read more

how to turn on data roaming on an iphone 7

How to Turn On Data Roaming – iPhone 7

Most of the apps that you use on your iPhone consume some amount of data. Some apps, like Netflix or Hulu, can use a lot of data, while others use considerably less. If you are connected to your home network, then you can typically consume data for these apps unless you have turned that feature … Read more

how to make the camera flash for text messages on iphone

How to Make iPhone Flash When Receiving a Text

Have you ever seen someone’s iPhone light up for new text messages or incoming calls? While enabling notifications will let you adjust things like the usual vibrations and on-screen notifications, you need to go into the Accessibility Settings menu if you want to enable the use of the iPhone’s flash for new alerts. The message … Read more