how delete fingerprint iphone 7

How to Delete a Fingerprint from the iPhone 7

You can set up your iPhone with multiple fingerprints that can unlock the device. These could be multiple fingerprints of your own, or you could add a fingerprint for another person. if you decide that there is a fingerprint on your phone that you no longer want to be there, then our tutorial will show … Read more

is airplane mode on or off on the iphone 7

How Can I Tell if My iPhone 7 is in Airplane Mode?

Your iPhone has several wireless connections that can all be enabled and active at the same time. Some of these conflict with airplane equipment, so air carriers may ask you to turn off electronic devices when you get on a plane. While you could completely turn off the device or turn off all of the … Read more

how to disable the sent email sound on iphone 7

How to Turn Off the Sent Email Sound on an iPhone 7

If you don’t have your iPhone on silent all the time, then you probably hear a lot of different notification sounds when you complete an action. Some of these sounds aren’t problematic, particularly if you don’t hear them a lot. Our tutorial below will show you how to turn off the sent email sound on … Read more