delete garageband on an iphone 7

How to Delete GarageBand – iPhone 7

One of the apps that comes with your iPhone is called “GarageBand.” It allows you to create and save songs on your iPhone, and is useful for musicians or individuals in a garage band who need a simple yet powerful way to digitally manage and edit their recordings. The default apps on an iPhone have … Read more

how to stop iphone 7 screen from sliding down

How to Stop the iPhone 7 Screen from Moving Down When You Double-Tap the Home Button

The bigger screen on the iPhone 7 Plus makes for a more enjoyable reading and viewing experience. But this improvement comes at the expense of the device being a little more difficult to handle with one hand. Apple’s solution to this problem is a setting called “Reachability”, which allows you to double-tap the Home button … Read more

how to delete all songs from an iPhone at once

How to Delete All of the Music from Your iPhone 7

While fast Internet connections, both over cellular and Wi-Fi networks, have made it much easier to stream music, you still might prefer to download songs to your iPhone. Whether you want to avoid data charges, are going to be traveling and won’t have a strong Internet connection, or simply like to have a copy of … Read more