Why Isn’t There an Option to Change My Email Password on My iPhone 7?

***This article always sees an increase in traffic when there is a sign-in issue with a major service provider. Unfortunately, in most cases, there isn’t much you can do until that provider resolves the issue that they are experiencing. For example, there is a problem with Yahoo Mail on February 17, 2018 that is causing pop-ups on iPhones all over the world, telling their owners that they need to re-enter their passwords. This is an issue with Yahoo, not your iPhone. Re-entering your password will have little effect, and you will be prompted to do it repeatedly until Yahoo resolves the problem.***

You can check the status of your email provider at DownDetector. Links for the three big email providers are shown below.

Yahoo Mail Down Detector page – http://downdetector.com/status/yahoo-mail

Gmail Down Detector page – http://downdetector.com/status/gmail

Outlook.com Down Detector page – http://downdetector.com/status/outlook

The iOS 10 update that comes pre-installed on the iPhone 7 includes a number of new features and updates that were not a part of earlier versions of the operating system. Some of these features are very welcome, while others might at first seem to be a bit on the confusing side.

One such confusing change is that you might not be able to change your email password. Previously this had been something that you could change at any time (by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars), like the name that appears on emails you send, but now it is conspicuously absent.

no option to change email password in ios 10

The reason that you do not see it is actually because the ability to change the password is not visible unless your iPhone is having trouble communicating with your email server. If you sign into your email account through a browser, such as by going to https://mail.google.com or https://mail.yahoo.com, and change your password using the method that those providers suggest, then your iPhone will provide you with the option to change your password from a screen similar to the one shown below. You can find this option at Settings > Mail > Accounts > then select the email account that needs to be updated.

how to change an email password in ios 10

Note that many popular email providers interact on an account level with iOS 10, and your password may update automatically on your iPhone if you change it in a browser. If you are changing your password because an unwanted iOS device has access to it, then you will need to revoke permissions for that device through your email provider.

Revoke Yahoo app permissions

Revoke Google app permissions

Revoke Outlook.com app permissions – Open Account Settings > Click Security & privacy > Click Manage permissions under Apps & services > Select iOS > Click Remove these permissions

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