how to view file extensions in windows 7

How to View File Extensions in Windows 7

Properly identifying the files on your computer is an important part of making sure that you are opening and editing the right files, and that you don’t delete something important be default. But Windows 7 doesn’t show file extensions by default, which can make it difficult to identify a file if you have multiples with … Read more

how to set the default web browser in windows 7

How to Set the Default Browser in Windows 7

Do you prefer to use Firefox or Chrome on your computer, but links that you click keep opening in Internet Explorer? This might be happening because you need to set your default browser in Windows 7. But if you are struggling to find the menu where you can apply changes to default applications, then you … Read more

how to unhide desktop icons in windows 7

How to Hide or Unhide Desktop Icons in Windows 7

The desktop icons on your Windows 7 computer are something that you might rely on heavily, or they might be blocking your favorite picture. Depending on your preferences, it can be useful to know how to hide or unhide the desktop icons in Windows 7. The desktop in Windows 7 is the place where many … Read more

How to Open With Single Click in Windows 7

Windows computers have long employed a method for opening files and folders that requires you to double click on the item that you want. This makes it much less likely that you are going to open the wrong item. But you may find that you have difficulty opening files or folders when the double-click is … Read more