How to Create a User Account in Windows 7

If someone else uses your computer, you may not want them to be able to access all of your personal files and information. This doesn’t mean that you need to get a second computer. Rather, you can simply set them up with a new user account.

By creating separate accounts with password encryption, you are effectively able to separate things like files and application activity for two separate users, without worrying that certain information will be visible when you would prefer it to be hidden. Our tutorial below will walk you through setting up a new user account in Windows 7 from the account to which you are already signed in.


How to Create a New User in Windows 7

The steps in this article were performed in the Windows 7 operating system. If you are using Windows 10, then follow the steps in this guide to create a new user. This guide assumes that you are currently signed into Windows 7 with an administrator account.

Step 1: Click the Start menu at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

how to create new user account in windows 7



Step 2: Select the Control Panel option.

open control panel



Step 3: Click the Add or remove user accounts button.

create new user account



Step 4: Click the Create a new account link.

create new account



Step 5: Enter a name for the account, select the type of account to create, then click the Create Account button.

windows 7 create new user



If you wish to add a password to the account, then select it from the list of accounts on the next screen.

select the created account



Select the Create a password button.

create a password



Enter the password, confirm it, create a hint for it, then click the Create password button.

complete new user password creation



The new account is now set up, and you will be able to log into it from the Windows login screen. Note that the first time you open the account it may take a while, as everything needs to be configured for the new user.