How to Sort Programs By Most Recently Installed in Windows 10

Did you install a new program on your computer to test out, and you either loved or hated it? If you loved it, then chances are high that you will want to use it again. If you hated it, then you might want to uninstall it. But you may be struggling to find recently installed programs in Windows 10, or at least how to view those which were most recently installed.

Installed programs in Windows 10 typically get onto your system because you specifically elected to add those installed programs to your computer. But your laptop or desktop may have come with some default applications that you didn’t notice, or you might see an application listed somewhere that you never saw before.

By viewing your recently installed software you can see if that program is brand new, or if it’s been on your computer for a while. Or, if you sort by recently installed, you may be able to determine which application was the cause of a change that occurred to your system. A third option is that you installed a new program for a specific purpose, but you don’t remember its name and can’t find it.

But regardless of the verdict on that new program, there is one common characteristic. You need to know the name of the program. It’s very easy to forget the name of an application if it has a forgetful name, or if you have tried a lot of other similar programs with similar names. Fortunately you can sort your Windows 10 programs by install date so that the newest programs are shown at the top of the list.

How to Find Recently Installed Programs – Windows 10

  1. Click the Windows button.
  2. Select the gear icon.
  3. Choose Apps.
  4. Click the Sort by dropdown and choose Install date.

Our article continues below with additional information on finding recently installed programs in Windows 10, including pictures of these steps.

How to View the Most Recently Installed Programs in Windows 10 (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article are going to take you to the Apps menu in Windows 10 Settings, where you will be able to sort the list of apps and programs there by the most recently installed. Note that this date does not always reflect the actual original date of installation. In many cases this date will reflect the last time that an update was installed for that program.

For example, I, like many others, have a number of programs on my Windows 10 computer that I did not install myself, and were included by default when I installed Windows 10. This can be a little alarming if you have never looked at this information before, so rest assured that it is normal, and the indicated date simply reflects the last time that app was updated.

If there is an app in that list that you don’t recognize, or you are concerned about, you can always select it and uninstall it. If you have a question about the program before you decide to uninstall it, I typically just Google the name of the program and see what it is.

Step 1: Click the Windows button at the bottom-left of your screen.

windows 10 sort installed apps

Step 2: Click the Settings button at the bottom left of this menu. It’s the one that looks like a gear.

windows 10 go to app menu

Step 3: Choose the Apps option on this menu.

sort apps by install date windows 10

Step 4: Click the dropdown menu to the right of Sort by, then choose the Install date option.

Your list of programs should then reconfigure to display the most recently installed or updated app first.

how view most recently installed programs windows 10

When you select the Install date option from that dropdown menu you will see the most recently installed programs at the top of the list. If you want to see the applications that have been on your computer for the longest amount of time then you will need to scroll to the bottom of the list.

Another way that you can check your installed programs is via the Control Panel. If you click the search button at the bottom of the screen, then type “Control Panel” into the field you can open the settings menu that was used in earlier versions of Windows. From there you can click “Programs” or “Programs and features” and sort your installed apps as well. Specifically you will need to click the top of the “Installed On” column to sort the programs.

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