how to use speakerphone by default on an iPhone

How to Put iPhone on Speaker – Solved!

It’s pretty easy to multitask with your iPhone thanks to features like Siri. But you can also learn how to put iPhone on speaker so that you can be on a phone call while your hands are free to do something else. How to Enable Speakerphone on an iPhone By Default Open Settings. Choose Accessibility. … Read more

how to change the volume level in spotify on an iphone

How to Change the Spotify Volume Control iPhone Setting

The Spotify app on your iPhone has a handful of settings that let you customize certain things about the app. One of these involves the audio level, so it’s possible to learn how to change the Spotify volume control iPhone setting. How to Make Spotify Volume Changes Open Spotify. Choose Home. Touch the gear icon. … Read more

how to close all open tabs in safari on an iphone se

How to Close Tabs on iPhone SE

Navigating through a lot of open browser tabs can be difficult on a computer, and it’s only slightly better on a mobile phone. If you have tried to find an open tab and been unsuccessful then you might be wondering how to close tabs on iPhone SE. Have you ever looked at the Tabs window … Read more