how to increase the brightness on the iPhone 13

How to Make the iPhone 13 Screen Brighter

As new iPhone models are introduced the screen gets better and better. This means that it is easier to see detail in images and you can take advantage of the higher resolution in pictures and videos. But it might seem like your screen is too dull, or you are having trouble seeing things if your … Read more

how to activate night shift mode in ios 10

What is Night Shift – iOS 10

Your iPhone that is running the iOS 10 operating system (or newer version of iOS as well) has a setting called “Night Shift.” This is something that you can enable and adjust to shift the color of your display to warmer colors and potentially help you sleep better. If you are having trouble falling asleep … Read more

iphone se how to switch to 12 hour time format

How to Switch to a 12 Hour Clock on the iPhone SE

If you prefer to use a 24-hour clock then it may have been something that you changed almost immediately after getting your iPhone. But if you have decided to go back to the 12-hour clock, or if you are using someone else’s iPhone and they use a 24-hour clock, then you might be wondering where … Read more

how to turn on the spell checker on an iphone 7

How to Turn on iPhone 7 Spell Check

While long-time smartphone users have grown accustomed to typing on the smaller phone keyboards, it’s still pretty common to mistype a letter here and there or to spell a word incorrectly. Luckily there is a spell checker on the iPhone that works similarly to ones that you will find in applications like Microsoft Office or … Read more

how to sort contacts by first name on an iPhone

How to Sort Contacts By First Name – iPhone 13

When you are scrolling through your list of contacts you might notice that they seem to be sorted based on whatever you’ve entered into the “Last Name” field. While this default option of sorting can be useful for some iPhone users, it’s possible that you might prefer to sort your contacts by first name instead. … Read more