how to change the volume level in spotify on an iphone

How to Change the Volume Level in Spotify on an iPhone

The Spotify app on your iPhone has a handful of settings that let you customize certain things about the app. One of these involves the audio level, so it’s possible to learn how to change the volume level in the Spotify iPhone app. Does it seem like the music that you are listening to in … Read more

how to enable or disable restricted mode in YouTube

How to Enable YouTube Restricted Mode on an iPhone 11

YouTube is a useful resource for an enormous variety of content. Whether you are looking for entertainment or instructional content, it’s likely that you will find it there. But you may wish to enable restricted mode in the YouTube iPhone app if you are setting up a device that will be used by a child. … Read more

how to check what is using icloud storage on iphone

How Do I See What’s in My iCloud Storage?

Your Apple ID includes some iCloud storage space that can be used for backups of your Apple devices and app data that you use on your iPhone. If you haven’t purchased a storage space increase, then you have 5 GB of storage space for free. But as you increase the amount that you use your … Read more