Preventing Waze from Automatically Starting on iPhone 14: A Step-by-Step Guide

Waze is a popular navigation app that provides real-time traffic updates and route suggestions. However, some iPhone 14 users may find it frustrating when Waze automatically starts up every time they get in their vehicle. If you’re one of those users, don’t worry, there’s a way to prevent this from happening. By following a few simple steps, you can take control of when and how Waze operates on your iPhone 14.

Step by Step Tutorial: Preventing Waze from Automatically Starting on iPhone 14

Before jumping into the steps, let’s understand what we’re about to do. We will modify the settings in both the Waze app and your iPhone 14 to prevent the automatic start feature. This will give you the freedom to open Waze only when you need it.

Step 1: Open the Waze App

Open the Waze app on your iPhone 14.

Once you have the Waze app open, make sure you are signed in to your account. If you’re not signed in, the settings we change may not be saved.

Step 2: Access the Settings Menu

Go to the settings menu within the Waze app.

In the Waze app, you’ll find the settings menu by tapping on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen, then tapping on the gear icon in the top left corner.

Step 3: Disable ‘Go to Waze’

Scroll down and disable the ‘Go to Waze’ feature.

‘Go to Waze’ is the feature that allows the app to start automatically. By turning it off, you’re telling the app that you don’t want it to open unless you manually do so.

Step 4: Turn Off Location Access

Exit the Waze app and go to your iPhone’s settings to adjust the location access for Waze.

In your iPhone settings, scroll down to find ‘Waze’ and tap it. Then tap ‘Location’ and choose ‘Never’ or ‘While Using the App,’ depending on your preference.

After you complete these steps, Waze should no longer start automatically on your iPhone 14. Instead, you’ll have to open the app manually when you want to use it. This can save battery life and reduce unnecessary distractions while driving.

Tips: Enhancing Your Experience with Waze on iPhone 14

  • Regularly update the Waze app to ensure you have the latest features and bug fixes.
  • Customize your Waze voice and vehicle icon for a more personalized experience.
  • Use Waze’s planned drives feature to schedule your trips in advance.
  • Remember to enable location access for Waze while using the app for accurate navigation.
  • Check your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings if Waze continues to start automatically, as it may be connected to your car’s system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent Waze from sending me notifications?

In the Waze app settings, go to ‘Notifications’ and toggle off any unwanted alerts.

Can I completely delete Waze if I no longer want it on my iPhone?

Yes, you can delete Waze by pressing and holding the app icon and selecting ‘Delete App.’

Will turning off location access for Waze affect its functionality?

Waze needs location access to provide accurate navigation, so only turn it off when not using the app.

Is there a way to temporarily disable Waze without changing settings?

Yes, you can force close the app by double-clicking the home button and swiping up on the Waze app preview.

Can Waze start automatically if I use CarPlay on my iPhone 14?

Waze may start automatically with CarPlay. To prevent this, adjust your CarPlay settings in the iPhone’s settings menu.


  1. Open the Waze app.
  2. Go to the settings menu.
  3. Disable ‘Go to Waze.’
  4. Adjust location access in iPhone settings.


Navigating through traffic with the help of Waze can be a lifesaver, but having it pop up every time you get in the car can be a bit of a nuisance. Thankfully, with the steps provided above, you can prevent Waze from automatically starting on your iPhone 14 and regain control over your app usage. Remember, it’s all about personal preference and finding the right balance between convenience and control. If you follow these steps and find that you miss the automatic start feature, you can always reverse the process. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional driver, understanding how to manage your apps, like Waze, can make all the difference in your driving experience. Drive safely and happy navigating!