What Happens When You Text Someone You’ve Blocked on iPhone 14: A Guide

Have you ever wondered what happens when you text someone you’ve blocked on your iPhone 14? Blocking someone on your iPhone means you don’t want to receive calls, messages or FaceTime from that person. But what if you change your mind and want to send them a message? Let’s dive into the process and find out what happens!

Step by Step Tutorial: Texting Someone You’ve Blocked on iPhone 14

Before we jump into the steps, let’s understand what we’re aiming to do. Once you’ve blocked someone, your iPhone will not deliver any messages you send to that person. So, if you want to text someone you’ve blocked, you’ll need to unblock them first. Let’s go through the steps to unblock and then text that person.

Step 1: Open the Settings App on Your iPhone 14

Open the settings app on your iPhone. This app looks like a gear and is where you can adjust all of your phone’s settings.

Step 2: Scroll Down and Tap ‘Messages’

After opening the settings app, scroll until you see the option for ‘Messages’. Tap on it to open the messaging settings.

Step 3: Tap ‘Blocked Contacts’

Inside ‘Messages’, you’ll find several options. Look for ‘Blocked Contacts’ and tap on it. This is where you’ll see a list of all the contacts you’ve blocked.

Step 4: Swipe Left on the Contact You Wish to Unblock and Tap ‘Unblock’

Find the contact you want to unblock. Swipe left on their name, and you’ll see a red ‘Unblock’ button. Tap it, and that person will be removed from your blocked contacts list.

Step 5: Exit Settings and Open the Messages App

Once you’ve unblocked the contact, exit the settings app and open your messages app. It’s time to send that text!

After you complete the action, the person you’ve unblocked will be able to receive texts from you, as well as call and FaceTime you. You’ve essentially returned to normal communication with them, so make sure that’s what you really want to do before unblocking.

Tips: Ensuring Smooth Communication After Unblocking on iPhone 14

  • Always double-check to make sure you’ve unblocked the correct contact.
  • Remember that unblocking someone will not restore any previous messages that were lost when they were blocked.
  • Consider sending a test message to ensure they’re receiving your texts.
  • Keep in mind that unblocking someone allows them to contact you as well.
  • If you change your mind, you can always block the contact again following similar steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to messages sent while a contact was blocked?

Messages sent to a blocked contact while they were blocked will not be delivered even after they are unblocked.

Can I see if a blocked contact tried to text me?

No, you won’t receive any notifications or messages from the time they were blocked.

Will the blocked contact know they’ve been unblocked?

The contact won’t receive a notification, but they might realize they’ve been unblocked if they can suddenly send messages or calls.

Can I block the contact again after unblocking them?

Yes, you can re-block a contact anytime by following similar steps used to unblock them.

If I unblock a contact, will it restore old messages?

No, unblocking a contact will not restore any previous messages that were deleted when they were blocked.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap ‘Messages’.
  3. Tap ‘Blocked Contacts’.
  4. Swipe left on the contact and tap ‘Unblock’.
  5. Exit Settings and open the Messages app to text.


The power to block and unblock contacts on your iPhone 14 gives you control over who can reach you and how. Whether you’ve had a change of heart or blocked someone by accident, knowing how to navigate these settings can be incredibly useful. Remember, once you’ve unblocked someone, it’s back to regular communication, so be sure that’s the route you want to take. If you’re unsure, give it some thought; you can always re-block them if necessary. With your iPhone 14, managing your contacts and communication preferences is simple and straightforward, ensuring that you always have peace of mind when it comes to your social interactions.