How to Hide Formulas in Excel 2013

Formulas are one of the most useful features of Microsoft Excel, as it allows you to easily perform assorted operations on your data. Formulas can then be copied from single cells and applied to multiple cells, allowing you to quickly calculate a large number of mathematical operations that would take a long time to perform manually.

But you may notice that the cells in your Excel worksheet are displaying the formulas themselves instead of the results, which can be much less useful if you are more interested in the results of the formula calculation. Fortunately this is only occurring because a certain setting is enabled for that worksheet, and you can follow our guide below to turn it off.


Change Cell Display from Formulas to Answers in Excel 2013

The steps in this guide will change the settings for a single worksheet that you are viewing in Microsoft Excel 2013 so that you see the result of a formula instead of the formula itself. Depending upon how the worksheet was previously formatted this could result in your column widths changing.


  1. Open your workbook in Microsoft Excel 2013.

  3. Click the Formulas tab at the top of the window.
  4. click the formulas tab



  5. Click the Show Formulas button in the Formula Auditing section of the ribbon at the top of the window.

click the show formulas button



Cells containing formulas in the current worksheet should now be showing the results of the formulas instead of the formulas themselves. Note that this is set on a per-worksheet basis, so you will also need to change this setting for other sheets in this workbook, or other worksheets in other workbooks that have this behavior.

If you instead wish to hide formulas in your worksheet so that no one is able to see them at all (such as in the Formula Bar above the worksheet) then you need to set the cell content as hidden and protect the worksheet so that no one can change that setting. This article from Microsoft explains the steps needed to complete the process.

Is the data in your spreadsheet difficult to read when you print it out? One way to improve the readability of a printed worksheet is to include the gridlines when you print. This will create a visual separation between your cells, allowing the reader to more easily distinguish where one piece of data ends and the next one begins.

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