How to Hide a Worksheet in Excel 2013

Excel spreadsheets provide a simple and effective way to communicate data with another person. But not everyone that views a particular Excel file might need to see all of the information contained in that file. One way to help in this regard is to hide a worksheet. This allows you to keep the data on a worksheet in the workbook, but makes it a little more difficult for someone to see that data if they don’t know to look for it. This is particularly effective if a worksheet contains information that is being used by cells in a formula, and you want to avoid any accidental edits.

Our guide below will show you a short process that allows you to hide any worksheet contained within your Excel 2013 workbook.


Hiding a Worksheet in Excel 2013

The steps in this article will show you how to hide a worksheet from your Excel 2013 workbook. Although the worksheet is hidden, you will still be able to reference cells in that worksheet with a formula, if necessary.

Step 1: Open the Excel 2013 workbook that contains the worksheet you wish to hide.


Step 2: Locate the worksheet tabs at the bottom of the window.

locate worksheet tabs



Step 3: Right-click the tan of the worksheet that you wish to hide, then click the Hide option.

hide a worksheet in excel 2013



Unhiding a Worksheet in Excel 2013

If you decide later that you would like to unhide the worksheet, then right-click on one of the visible worksheet tabs, then choose the Unhide option.

unhide a worksheet



Click the worksheet that you wish to unhide, then click the OK button.

select the sheet to unhide



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