how to print excel 2010 spreadsheet on one page

How to Use the Excel 2010 Fit to Page Option

Printers and printing can be frustrating, so it would be great if everyone would view spreadsheets, grids, and other similar types of documents on their screen inside the Microsoft Excel program. However, that is an impractical solution for many situations, so you will often find yourself printing out the spreadsheets you have created. But if … Read more

select number, then change decimal places to zero

How to Format UPC Codes in Excel

Microsoft Excel provides a large variety of options that can help you to properly format your data. If you have ever worked with currency cells in a spreadsheet, for example, then you might already be aware of how useful this can be. To format UPC cells in Excel you need to select the cells, right-click … Read more

how to make all text uppercase in excel 2013

How to Make All Letters Capital in Excel 2013

If you have ever needed to re-enter a large amount of data in a spreadsheet then you know how tedious it can be. Thie re-entry is also prone to error, and it can be frustrating to perform a lot of work simply because you need to switch some formatting. Fortunately, you can use the =UPPER(XX) … Read more

how to remove underline from link in excel 2013

How to Remove Underline in Excel 2013 Hyperlinks

When you create a hyperlink in a Microsoft Office application like Microsoft Excel, you will typically change the linked text in ways other than making that text clickable. This includes changing the color of the text and adding an underline to it. You can remove the underline from a link in Excel 2013 by going … Read more