How to Sum a Column in Excel

An important element of many spreadsheets is a row that displays the totals of your cell values. In a work environment, these totals are often critical pieces of information that will affect business decisions. You can create the values for these totals using a formula that lets you sum the values contained with the cells … Read more

How to Freeze a Row in Excel

Have you ever worked on a large spreadsheet where you needed to keep scrolling back up to the top of the sheet to make sure that you were looking at the right column? This can be frustrating and time-confusing, while also potentially leading to mistakes. Luckily you can fix this problem by learning how to … Read more

How to Make an Exponent in Excel

Adding text and numbers to cells in Microsoft Excel is typically as easy as clicking on a cell and typing. Things get a little more involved when you need to add a picture, or change the appearance of the text that you’ve added, but it’s still a very approachable task. But things can start to … Read more