how to change the color scheme in excel 2010

How to Change the Color Scheme in Excel 2010

If you have used Excel for a while, then you have probably acclimated yourself to the visual appearance of the program. But the colors of the application might be wearing on your, leaving you looking for something different to spice up your daily activity in your spreadsheets. One simple change that you can apply is … Read more

how to print on legal paper in excel 2010

How to Print on Legal Paper in Excel 2010

Excel spreadsheets are notoriously difficult to print. The default print settings don’t include gridlines, won’t repeat titles or headers on each page, and are not at all optimized to fit your data into the constraints of your paper size. Our Excel printing guide can show you how to fix a lot of these issues, and … Read more

how to insert a picture into a cell in excel 2010

How to Insert a Picture Into a Cell in Excel 2010

Learning how to insert a picture into a spreadsheet in Excel 2010 is useful when you encounter a situation that calls for more than just data in your cells. Adding pictures to your cells is common for businesses that need to supply customers with product information, or even in personal situations where you might be organizing … Read more