delete a text box in excel 2013

How to Delete a Text Box in Excel 2013

There are several document elements that you can use in multiple Microsoft Office products, and one of those elements is the text box. You can insert a text box independently of the other information in your Excel spreadsheet, which allows it to be used in a manner that does not affect the data that has … Read more

click the row number to repeat

How to Print a Row at the Top of Every Page in Excel 2010

Excel 2010 is a really great program for organizing and calculating data. But printing has never been something that was very easy to handle in spreadsheets, and the problem amplifies itself when you are dealing with multi-page spreadsheets that contain a lot of columns with similar-looking data. These situations can make a printed spreadsheet difficult … Read more

select number, then change decimal places to zero

How to Format UPC Codes in Excel

Excel is a great option for storing information about products that your company sells. But you may run into a problem where you need to learn how to format UPC codes in Excel, as it will commonly convert them so that they display as scientific notation. The data is still stored correctly in Excel, but … Read more