how to rotate text in word

How to Rotate Text in Word 365

When you create a new Word document and start typing, the text direction will likely involve horizontal text going left to right (or right to left, depending on your language.) But you may need to rotate text in Microsoft Word if you are creating a document where the standard text direction doesn’t work for something. … Read more

how to view file extensions in windows 7

How to View File Extensions in Windows 7

Properly identifying the files on your computer is an important part of making sure that you are opening and editing the right files, and that you don’t delete something important be default. But Windows 7 doesn’t show file extensions by default, which can make it difficult to identify a file if you have multiples with … Read more

how to repeat a row at the top in excel 2013

The Complete Guide to Optimizing a Page for Printing in Excel 2013

I have worked for several businesses and, while they all had significant differences, one thing that they had in common was a heavy reliance on Microsoft Excel. The exact extent of this usage may have varied between these companies, but everyone in those businesses that was on a computer had at least some experience with trying … Read more

how to disable formula autocomplete in excel 2013

How to Turn Off Formula AutoComplete in Excel 2013

Not everyone knows every formula in Microsoft Excel, and determining not only the correct formula, but the way to use it, can be difficult. Excel attempts to solve this problem with an autocomplete function, but you may be wondering how to turn off Formula AutoComplete if it isn’t helping, or if it’s causing more problems … Read more