how to rename a tab in excel 2016

How to Change a Tab Name in Excel 2016

When you first start working with Microsoft Excel and are familiarizing yourself with some basic formulas, you may not give much thought to the names of the other worksheets in your Excel workbook. But as you start to take advantage of all of the complex formulas and the usefulness that additional worksheets offer, you may … Read more

how to print the top row on every page in excel 2016

How to Set Row 1 to Print on Every Page – Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (and Google Sheets spreadsheets, for that matter) can be difficult to read when you are working with a lot of data. While changes like printing gridlines, fitting all of your columns on one page, or putting page numbers or titles in the header can be helpful, your readers can also benefit if … Read more

how to set the default font size in excel 2016

How to Change the Default Font Size in Excel 2016

Whenever you create a new workbook in Microsoft Excel, there are certain default settings that are applied to that workbook. Some of these default settings can be adjusted, including the one that determines the size of the font that is used when you type information into your cells. So if you find that the current … Read more