how to switch buddies in Pokemon Go

How to Change Buddy – Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has added a number of different features since it was first released in 2016. One of these is the buddy system. You can learn how to swap buddies in Pokemon Go if you would like to advance your buddy level for multiple Pokemon at the same time. Your Pokemon Go buddy has its … Read more

how to find Pokemon Ivs in Pokemon Go

How to Appraise a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

When you are trying to catch them all in Pokemon Go you will likely catch more than one of many Pokemon. But not all Pokemon that you catch are the same, and they will have different stats. Therefore it’s helpful to know how to appraise a Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Each Pokemon that you catch … Read more

Where are the Team Leader Battles in Pokemon Go?

A new player versus player battling system has been introduced to Pokemon Go, and it offers you the ability to battle against your friends and other Pokemon Go players. But you can also battle against the three team leaders, allowing you to build up badge progress, earn rewards, and get your team some practice when … Read more