How to Reset an Image in Google Docs

The image editing tools in Google Docs allow you to make some changes to a picture that you have added to your document. This is very handy when you know exactly what you want to do to a picture, but occasionally you will need to experiment with the different tools and options until you find the correct appearance.

Unfortunately it’s possible to make so many changes to a picture that it becomes difficult to undo them, which can mean the picture isn’t ideal for your current needs. Fortunately there is an option to reset a picture in Google Docs to its original state so that you can start from scratch and hopefully achieve the desired affect of the image.


How to Restore an Original Image in Google Docs

The steps in this article assume that you have added a picture to your Google Docs document, and performed some edits on it. Completing the steps below will undo the edits that you have performed in Google Docs and restore the picture to its default state when it was first added to the document.

Step 1: Sign into Google Drive and open the document containing the picture that you would like to reset.


Step 2: Click on the picture to select it.

how to restore an image to default in google docs



Step 3: Click the Reset image button in the toolbar above the document.

how to reset a picture in google docs



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