how to turn off apple watch read receipts

How to Turn Off Message Read Receipts on the Apple Watch

If you have ever noticed the “Read” word that appears under some of the text messages that you send, then you have used read receipts for your iPhone’s Messages app. This is something that is part of the text messaging and iMessaging system, as well as some email applications. Read receipts serve the function of … Read more

how to edit the email signature on an apple watch

How to Change Apple Watch Email Signature

Using mobile devices to read, respond to, or create emails has become so commonplace that you might assume that most of the emails you receive were sent by someone on the iPhone or Android smartphone. But this functionality is available on other mobile devices, too, like the iPad and even the Apple Watch. If you … Read more

how to enable screenshots on apple watch

How to Screenshot on Apple Watch

Taking a screenshot, whether on your computer or your phone, is an effective way to show someone else what you are seeing on your device. Whether it’s for a troubleshooting effort or simply because you see something interesting that you want to share, it’s a fast way to effectively communicate what is visible on the … Read more

How to Turn Off Apple Watch Hourly Chime

While most of the chime sounds that you hear on an Apple Watch will occur on the hour, it’s possible that your device is configured to chime at different intervals. The steps in this article are performed using the Watch app on an iPhone. Apple Watch users without an iPhone can also complete these actions … Read more

how to hide the notification indicator on the apple watch

How to Turn Off the Red Dot on Apple Watch

The lack of space on the Apple Watch screen means that a lot of the indicators and notifications you see on the device aren’t going to be as descriptive as the ones you see on an iPhone, iPad, or computer. So when you see a red dot at the top of your Apple Watch face, … Read more

how to change the grayscale setting on the apple watch

How to Turn Off Grayscale on the Apple Watch

Is everything on your watch in grayscale all of a sudden? Or did you see someone else’s watch that was in grayscale, and you thought it looked interesting and wanted to try it out? Like the iPhone, the Apple Watch has a number of accessibility settings that can change the overall appearance of the device. … Read more