how to enable screenshots on apple watch

How to Screenshot on Apple Watch

Taking a screenshot, if it’s on your computer or your phone, is an effective way to show someone else what you are seeing on your device. Whether it’s for a troubleshooting effort or simply because you see something interesting that you want to share, it’s a fast way to effectively communicate what is visible on … Read more

how to remove an app from the apple watch dock

How to Edit the Dock on the Apple Watch

You can access the dock on your Apple Watch with the flat button on the side of the device. This opens a menu where you can choose from a selection of apps. These apps aren’t random, so check out our tutorial below will if you would like to edit the Apple Watch dock by adding … Read more

how to turn off apple watch read receipts

How to Turn Off Message Read Receipts on the Apple Watch

Read receipts are an interesting concept that is popular with some email applications and mobile devices. It provides a way for a sender to know when someone has seen their message. But you may not like sharing this information, so check out our tutorial below and learn how to stop sending Apple Watch read receipts. … Read more

how to edit the email signature on an apple watch

How to Change Apple Watch Email Signature

Using mobile devices to read, respond to, or create emails has become so commonplace that you might assume that most of the emails you receive were sent by someone on the iPhone or Android smartphone. But this functionality is available on other mobile devices, too, like the iPad and even the Apple Watch. If you … Read more