How to Turn Off Apple Watch Hourly Chime

While most of the chime sounds that you hear on an Apple Watch will occur on the hour, it’s possible that your device is configured to chime at different intervals. The steps in this article are performed using the Watch app on an iPhone. Apple Watch users without an iPhone can also complete these actions … Read more

how to hide the notification indicator on the apple watch

How to Turn Off the Red Dot on Apple Watch

The lack of space on the Apple Watch screen means that a lot of the indicators and notifications you see on the device aren’t going to be as descriptive as the ones you see on an iPhone, iPad, or computer. So when you see a red dot at the top of your Apple Watch face, … Read more

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How to Turn Off Grayscale on the Apple Watch

Is everything on your watch in grayscale all of a sudden? Or did you see someone else’s watch that was in grayscale, and you thought it looked interesting and wanted to try it out? Like the iPhone, the Apple Watch has a number of accessibility settings that can change the overall appearance of the device. … Read more

How to Unpair an Apple Watch

If you read Apple’s guide on what to do when selling your iPhone, then one of the steps you will find there involves how to unpair your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch provides a lot of fun and helpful tools and information that are beneficial when working out, or when trying to monitor your health. … Read more

How to Mute an Apple Watch

The steps in this article are going to show you how to mute an Apple Watch. You can mute your Apple Watch either directly from the watch, or through the Watch app on your iPhone. Putting your Apple Watch into silent mode won’t mute alarms or timers if the watch is charging. You can also … Read more

How to Increase Text Size on the Apple Watch

Having trouble reading some of the text on your Apple Watch? You aren’t alone. While the screen itself is fairly crisp and bright, it’s simply a small screen, and the text needs to be fairly small, too, if it’s going to display more than a couple of letters. But if you find that the Apple … Read more