How to Tell Which Type of Apple Watch You Have: A Guide

Determining the model of your Apple Watch can be simple and straightforward. By following a few steps, which involve checking the physical attributes or using your iPhone, you can easily identify which version you own.

After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have a clearer idea of the features and capabilities of your Apple Watch. This can also be helpful when seeking support, buying accessories, or updating the software.


Apple Watches have become an essential accessory for many, offering a blend of style, functionality, and tech-savviness right on our wrists. But, with multiple series and models released over the years, it can be confusing to identify which one you have. Knowing your Apple Watch model is crucial, especially when it comes to compatibility with the latest updates, accessories, or even when you require technical support. It could be the difference between a seamless experience and a frustrating one.

This topic is not just for tech enthusiasts, but for everyday users who might need to troubleshoot issues, sell their device, or simply satiate their curiosity about the gadget they wear daily. So, whether you’re a new user or have had your Apple Watch for a while but never really paid attention to the model, this article will guide you through the process of finding out.

Step by Step Tutorial to Identify Your Apple Watch Model

The following steps will help you identify your Apple Watch model either by using physical features or your paired iPhone.

Step 1: Check the Engravings on the Back of Your Apple Watch

Look at the back of your Apple Watch, where you’ll find engraved text that includes the model number.

The model number on the back of the Apple Watch is small but legible. You might need good lighting or a magnifying glass to read it properly. The number usually starts with “A” followed by four digits. Once you have this number, you can look it up online to find out which series and model it corresponds to.

Step 2: Use Your iPhone to Find the Model

Open the Apple Watch app on your paired iPhone, go to ‘My Watch’ tab, tap ‘General’, then ‘About’, and look for ‘Model’.

The “Model” field will show a part number that begins with “M”. Tap on it, and you’ll see the actual model number that starts with “A”. This is the same number you would find engraved on your Apple Watch and can be used to identify your model.


Easy IdentificationKnowing the model of your Apple Watch makes it easier to find compatible accessories and support.
Better Resale ValueIf you decide to sell your Apple Watch, knowing the exact model can potentially increase its resale value.
Software Update AssuranceIdentifying your model ensures you’re updating your Apple Watch with the correct and compatible software version.


Small EngravingThe engravings on the back of the Apple Watch are tiny and can be hard to read for some people.
Multiple StepsThe process may require multiple steps and not everyone is comfortable navigating the settings on their iPhone.
Model OverlapSome models share similar physical attributes, which can lead to confusion without a proper check.

Additional Information

When you’re trying to tell which type of Apple Watch you have, it’s important to consider that Apple has released certain special editions or collaborations, like the Apple Watch Nike+ or the Apple Watch Hermès. These editions may have exclusive features or designs, making them slightly different from the standard models. It’s also worth noting that the Apple Watch Series 1 and the original Apple Watch (sometimes referred to as Series 0) look almost identical. Therefore, for these models, relying solely on physical appearance might not be enough. Always refer back to the model number for accuracy.


  1. Check the engravings on your Apple Watch.
  2. Use your iPhone to find the model via the Apple Watch app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my Apple Watch is not paired to an iPhone?

If your Apple Watch is not paired to an iPhone, you can only use the engraving on the back of the device to identify the model.

Can I tell the model by the watch band?

No, the watch band does not indicate the model as bands are interchangeable across different Apple Watch models.

What do I do if the engraving is worn off?

If the engraving is worn off, try to pair your Apple Watch with an iPhone and use the Apple Watch app to find the model.

Is there a difference in identifying the model for an Apple Watch with cellular capability?

No, the process of identifying the model is the same regardless of whether your Apple Watch has cellular capability or not.

Can I find the model number in the settings of the Apple Watch?

Yes, you can also find the model number in the settings of the Apple Watch by navigating to Settings > General > About.


Knowing which type of Apple Watch you have is not just about satisfying curiosity, but it’s also practical knowledge that can enhance your user experience. Whether you’re looking to accessorize, update, or troubleshoot, being familiar with the model of your Apple Watch can save you time and ensure you’re making the right choices for your device.

Remember, the key is in the details, so take a closer look at that engraving or dive into the settings on your paired iPhone – it’s simpler than you might think. Happy watching!