How to Switch Between Recents and Favorites in the Apple Watch Dock

When you press the button on the side of your Apple Watch, a list of apps are displayed as cards. You can cycle between these apps by rotating the crown on the side of the watch.

But you may find that the current display of apps in that location isn’t optimal for the way you use the watch, and that you would prefer to see a specific group of apps, or you would prefer to see the apps that you have used most recently. Our tutorial below will show you how to change the apps that appear in this location so that it becomes a more useful location for you.


How to Change Apple Watch Dock Type

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 11.4. The watch being changed is an Apple Watch 2 using WatchOS 4.2.3. By completing the steps in this article you will be changing the apps that your Apple Watch displays in your dock. You can access your Apple Watch dock by pressing the button on the side of the watch, then using the crown to scroll through the apps displayed there.

Step 1: Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

open the watch app on the iphone



Step 2: Choose the My Watch tab at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

choose my watch tab

Step 3: Select the Dock option.

open watch dock menu



Step 4: Tap the Recents or Favorites option at the top of the screen depending on which option you would like to use.

how to switch between recents and favorites for apple watch dock



If you elect to put your favorites in the dock, then you will see the screen shown in the picture above. You can edit your favorite apps by tapping the Edit button at the top-right of the screen, then add or remove apps from the list until you have the correct assortment of apps displayed under Favorites.


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