iphone se how to switch to 12 hour time format

How to Switch to a 12 Hour Clock on the iPhone SE

If you prefer to use a 24-hour clock then it may have been something that you changed almost immediately after getting your iPhone. But if you have decided to go back to the 12-hour clock, or if you are using someone else’s iPhone and they use a 24-hour clock, then you might be wondering where … Read more

iphone se how to enable or disable predictive text

How to Turn Predictive Text on iPhone On or Off

Since iPhone users and Android users type such large amounts of text on their devices, it’s useful for those smartphone operating systems to have ways to correctly add the desired word while typing. Your writing style can change dramatically as you use the predictive text feature on the device because it’s so much easier to … Read more

how to create an alarm on the iphone se

How to Create an Alarm on the iPhone SE

Your iPhone SE has a lot of features that are accessible through app downloads, but there are a bunch that are on the device by default. One of these is a feature-rich Clock app, so you might be wondering how to create an alarm on your iPhone SE. The ease with which you can set … Read more

How to Delete an App on Your iPhone SE

Managing storage space on an iPhone SE, particularly one with a small amount of storage, typically requires some content management. This means that learning how to delete an app from your iPhone SE is a helpful thing to know how to do. Downloading and trying new apps on your iPhone SE is one of the … Read more