How to Shorten a Link in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Shorten a Link in Google Docs

Want to make your Google Doc look cleaner? You can shorten a long link easily. Just highlight the text where you want the link to appear, click the link button, and paste your URL. This will change the long URL into a short, clean link that looks much nicer in your document.

How to Shorten a Link in Google Docs

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of shortening a link in Google Docs, making your document look more professional and easier to read.

Step 1: Open Google Docs and Highlight Text

First, open your Google Docs document and select the text you want to turn into a link.

It’s important to highlight the exact text where you want the link to be. This can be a word, phrase, or even a sentence.

Step 2: Click the Link Button

Next, click the link button in the toolbar at the top of the page. It looks like a chain link.

The link button is usually right next to the text formatting options like bold and italicize.

Step 3: Paste the URL

In the box that appears, paste the URL you want to shorten.

Make sure to copy the entire URL, including the "http" or "https" part to ensure it works correctly.

Step 4: Click Apply

Finally, click the "Apply" button to create the link.

After you hit "Apply," your highlighted text will turn into a clickable link that users can follow.

After completing these steps, the long URL will be transformed into a neat piece of text. This makes your document easier to read and more visually appealing.

Tips for How to Shorten a Link in Google Docs

  • Use Descriptive Text: Make sure the text you’re linking is descriptive of the URL’s content.
  • Double-Check URLs: Verify the link works correctly before finalizing your document.
  • Avoid Overlinking: Too many links can clutter your document and distract readers.
  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts: Press "Ctrl+K" (Cmd+K on Mac) to quickly bring up the link box.
  • Preview Links: Hover over the link to ensure it directs to the correct URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shorten multiple links at once?

No, you need to shorten each link individually by repeating the steps for each URL.

What if the link button is greyed out?

This happens when no text is highlighted. Make sure you’ve selected the text you want to link.

Can I remove a link after creating it?

Yes, simply click on the linked text and select "Remove Link" from the pop-up menu.

Will the shortened link affect functionality?

No, the link will work the same way as the original URL.

Is there a character limit for the text I can link?

There is no specific character limit, but shorter, descriptive text is generally better.


  1. Open Google Docs and highlight text.
  2. Click the link button.
  3. Paste the URL.
  4. Click Apply.


By following these simple steps, you can easily shorten a link in Google Docs. Not only does this make your document look cleaner and more professional, but it also enhances readability. If you often share documents with long, cumbersome URLs, knowing how to shorten a link can be a real game-changer.

Whether you’re working on a school project, a business report, or a personal document, taking a few extra moments to tidy up your links can make a big difference. Plus, it shows attention to detail, which is always a good thing. So go ahead, give it a try, and enjoy the cleaner look of your documents.

For further reading, you might want to explore other Google Docs features, like adding headers, footers, or even using templates to streamline your work. Happy documenting!