How to Remove All Hyperlinks in Excel 2013

When you enter an address for a Web page into a cell in Microsoft Excel 2013, the program will automatically format that address as a hyperlink. This means that the data will be underlined, and a hyperlink will be added to it that, when clicked, will open that Web page in your default Web browser.

But you may not like this behavior, and would instead prefer that the Web address be stored in the cell as regular data. Fortunately Excel 2013 has a tool that allows you to remove hyperlinks from a selection of cells.


Clear All of the Hyperlinks in a Spreadsheet in Excel 2013

This tutorial was written using the 2013 version of Microsoft Excel. However, these same steps will also work in Microsoft Excel 2010. Once you have completed this tutorial, all of the hyperlinks in your spreadsheet will be removed from the sheet. This includes hyperlinks for Web pages, email addresses, or anything else which may have a hyperlink attached to it. The hyperlink anchor text, however, will remain in the cell.


  1. Open your workbook in Excel 2013.

  3. Click the button above the heading for row 1, and to the left of the heading for column A, to select the entire sheet. If you only want to clear hyperlinks from a small subset of cells, then you can either manually select them by clicking your mouse on one and dragging it to select the rest, or you can select an entire row or column by clicking the row number or column letter.
  4. select all of the cells



  5. Click the Home tab at the top of the window.
  6. click the home tab



  7. Click the Clear button in the Editing section, then click either the Clear Hyperlinks button to remove only the link, or click Remove Hyperlink to clear the link and the formatting associated with the link. If you are unsure which option you prefer, you can always click one and, if it’s not what you wanted, press Ctrl + Z on your keyboard to undo it, then select the other one.

remove the hyperlinks in excel 2013



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