request a read receipt n outlook 2013

How to Request a Read Receipt in Outlook 2013

Many popular email applications provide you with some advanced ways that you can send an email. One of these options involves read receipts, which is something that you can add to an email message to get a receipt confirming the recipient has read your message. When you send an important email in Outlook 2013, it … Read more

how to block a sender in outlook 2013

How to Block a Sender in Outlook 2013

Emails from unwanted individuals and companies is basically unavoidable. But if they start to clog your inbox and are from the same few people, then you may be wondering how to block a sender and their future emails in Outlook 2013. Are you getting a lot of spam emails from a particular email account, and … Read more

edit a signature in outlook 2013

How to Edit a Signature in Outlook 2013

Adding signature information to your email application is a good way to ensure that important information is sent to your contact automatically. But you may be wondering how to edit a signature in Outlook 2013 if you have something in your signature that you need to update. Microsoft Outlook signatures are a simple way to … Read more

change outlook password

Change Outlook Password in Outlook 2013

Outlook is a great way to manage your email when you are sitting at your computer. it has a ton of options that make emailing easier, so it’s frustrating when it isn’t working. Therefore it’s helpful to know how to change your password in Outlook 2013 if you have updated it with your email provider. … Read more