Where is the Level on the iPhone 7?

With the App Store available to you as an iPhone owner, you have access to a lot of free and paid apps that can meet your needs. But there are a number of really helpful tools and apps on your iPhone by default, some of which you might not know were there.

One such tool is a level, which you can use to see whether something is level. Whether you are hanging a picture frame or putting up a shelf, having access to a level simply by having your phone around can be very beneficial. But there isn’t a “Level” app, so you may be wondering how to find it. Our guide below will show you where it is.


How to Find the Level on Your iPhone

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 10.3.3. However, you are able to access and use the level on other iPhone models running that same version of iOS, as well as many of the earlier versions.

Step 1: Open the Compass app. If you can’t find the Compass app, or don’t see it, you can always swipe down from the top of the screen to open Spotlight Search, then type the word Compass into the search field.

open the compass app



Step 2: Swipe left on the compass screen.

how to find iphone level



You should now see the level. You can tilt it to the left or right to see how it works. The screen will light up green when it is level.

where is the level on the iphone 7



Your iPhone has another handy tool in the flashlight as well. Learn how to find the flashlight on your iPhone so that you can take advantage of it in situations where you have your phone, but you don’t have an actual flashlight.