How to Get Rid of Grey Background in Google Docs from Chat GPT

Got a pesky grey background in your Google Docs that you can’t seem to get rid of? Not to worry! It’s actually a pretty simple fix. All you need is to access the page setup options, and with a few clicks, you’ll have a clean, white background ready for your text.

Step by Step Tutorial: Removing Grey Background in Google Docs

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to understand that the grey background in Google Docs usually comes from a text box or an object that’s behind the text. The following steps will help you remove this background and restore your document’s default white backdrop.

Step 1: Open your Google Doc

Open the Google document that has the grey background you want to eliminate.

When you’ve got your document open, make sure you’re in editing mode. If you’re viewing the document, or in suggesting mode, you won’t be able to make changes.

Step 2: Click on ‘File’

In the top left corner of your screen, you’ll find the ‘File’ menu. Click on it to reveal a dropdown of options.

The ‘File’ menu is your gateway to all the major settings for your document, including the page setup options we’re looking for.

Step 3: Select ‘Page Setup’

From the ‘File’ dropdown, scroll down to find the ‘Page Setup’ option and click on it.

The ‘Page Setup’ dialogue box is where you can alter margins, page orientation, and, crucially, the page color which may be causing your grey background issue.

Step 4: Change the Page Color

In the ‘Page Setup’ dialogue box, look for the ‘Page Color’ option. Click on it, and a color palette will appear.

If you’ve got a grey background, it’s likely because a color has been selected here. Simply choose the white color (usually the first option) to remove the grey background.

After completing these steps, your document should now have a clean, white background, free from any unwanted grey shading. If the grey background persists, it may be due to other elements such as images or text boxes, which would need to be removed or modified separately.

Tips for Removing Grey Background in Google Docs

  • Double-check that you’re in editing mode to make changes to your document.
  • If the grey background is in a text box, you may need to right-click the text box and select ‘Background color’ to change it.
  • Ensure that you haven’t mistakenly highlighted the text with a grey color, as this can also cause a grey background effect.
  • Remember to save your document after making changes to avoid losing your work.
  • If you’re still struggling, try using Google Docs’ help feature or search online for more detailed guides or video tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the grey background is only behind some text?

If the grey background is not throughout your entire document, it’s likely that it’s caused by a text box or shading applied to that specific text. You can change this by adjusting the background color of the text box or removing the text shading.

Can I remove the grey background on the Google Docs app on my phone?

Yes, you can remove the grey background on the Google Docs app. The steps are similar, but you’ll navigate the app’s interface instead of the web version.

Will changing the page color affect any images in my document?

Changing the page color in ‘Page Setup’ will not affect any images in your document. It only changes the color of the blank space around and behind your text.

Can I make the background a different color besides white?

Absolutely! You can choose any color from the palette in the ‘Page Setup’ dialogue box to customize your document’s background.

What if the ‘Page Setup’ option isn’t available?

If the ‘Page Setup’ option is greyed out or not available, make sure you’re not in ‘Suggesting’ mode, and that you have the rights to edit the document.


  1. Open your Google Doc
  2. Click on ‘File’
  3. Select ‘Page Setup’
  4. Change the Page Color


There you have it! The steps to get rid of that annoying grey background in Google Docs are pretty straightforward. Remember, the key is to check your page settings and adjust the page color as needed. Don’t let a little shading throw you off; with these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to customize your documents just the way you like them. Whether you’re prepping a report, drafting an essay, or just jotting down notes, a clear, uncluttered workspace can make all the difference. And now that you’ve mastered this aspect of Google Docs, you’re well on your way to becoming a document editing pro. So go ahead, dive back into your docs with confidence, and make your work shine!